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PABEBE GIRLS: Summa cum bebe. Babaeng utal at ang babaeng multo.
Posted by Senyora Santibañez on Friday, June 12, 2015

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Sure enough, at this moment, you have heard of the 'Pabebe Girls" in a way or another. The viral video caught the attention of not just the Filipino masses, but also, inspires various remakes and celebrities alike to have their own version. Just recently, Vice Ganda premiered his latest song "Huwag Kang Pabebe" in the latest MOR Pinoy Music Awards 2015 and collaborated with the girls for the upcoming music video. Now, the girls are in the show business in an instant. Thanks to the hilariously-captioned shares, most of the time, with acid-washed and mean comments of the netizens. They helped the video go super viral.

At first, I found the video irritating and funny. I felt mixed emotions. But we have to admit, if the girls just wanted the attention, well, they succeeded and met their goals. They won. Haters lost. And for everything we encounter in the internet, I believe there is always something positive to learn. I tried to study the flick with my not-so-academic approach, and so, that made me list 8 things we can learn from the new internet sensation, the "Pabebe Girls."

KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Starting the video with an introduction "Kami ang Pabebe Girls!" (We are the Pabebe Girls!) is already a hint that these girls know themselves more than any of us who just knew them by their duo name. Call it self-awareness. I know this may sound a little vague to some, but my point is we should admit that we live in an actual world and knowing oneself deeply  will surely blaze you up to your ambitions. This is what lacks most of the people today that is why they failed to achieve what they are striving for. It could be multi-factorial at times, but it all ends up on who you are and who you think you can be.

KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY REALLY WANT. And the Pabebes' include posting videos and pictures in their own Pabebe ways, that they do not care if you like it or not. They do what they love doing. This is something we can adapt. Put it under goal setting. I know some people would say posting on social media is easy and puny. But if it is your ultimate goal at the moment, well congratulations, because you made it and that accounts to success. Putting it in a larger perspective, if you love what you are doing and if you are enjoying the learning process, that is success. Success is never a destination, but a the journey itself. Here's an analogy, a person who aimed of buying and selling junk and actually doing it is successful than an employee who thinks of doing another career and not making any move at all.

NOTHING SHOULD STOP YOU! "Walang makakapigil s'amin!" (No one can stop us!) The girls have said this several times. This attitude is something true for the Millenials, or the otherwise called I-Don't-Care-Generation. Some of  the readings I have seen said that it is something alarming because Millennials have been unpredictable and reckless. But in some articles, this attitude was connected to early independence and lots of success stories. But the real catch here was being focused on what you really want and that whatever comes against it must not affect you. Be it a person, a friend, something you heard of and many more. It may change the original plan a bit but it will surely introduce you to other ways through it. Once you stop achieving for it is the moment you give up and loose. Always remember that the only person standing against between you and your goal is yourself, nobody else! So there's no one to blame. You may rest for awhile but be sure to be back on the game. So go on and make your Millenial pals proud!

WATCH THEM HATERS. Sometimes confrontation is something I do not really advise. It is bad for the image and often taken negatively, especially us Filipinos. But what the girls did, scripted or not, just uploaded a short video to address all their haters generally then resumed to their daily normal routines while they watch the public go crazy to their advantage. This one is telling us to use all our resources, even our enemies and haters. Keep your friends close, and your enemies/rivals closer. [insert evil laugh here] Be generous to give them something to talk about which will keep them busy while you make your way to your objectives, then your goal.

GOOD EXPOSURE AND BAD EXPOSURE ARE BOTH EXPOSURES. Something similar with reputation. The Pabebe Girls made some of us love and made fun of them. Also, some hated and cursed them endlessly. But the common denominator here was that we all watched the video and got to know them. Now they are instantly famous and will be featured in the upcoming Vice Ganda music video. I won't be surprised if they will book some cameo roles in the future on TV or the big screen. Let us all watch out. They used you all! Now learn from that.

SOCIAL MEDIA CAN TAKE IT BY STORM. If you wanted to be the next celebrity or sensation, then do not go any further because you are already in the right platform. Facebook and Instagram are so free and almost everybody has a smartphone at hand and very much willing to share and give comment to whatever they see. There are now several new celebrities who are sharing and enjoying the spotlight already in TV, movies, music and prints right after building audience in the internet like Petra Mahalimuyak, Mikee Bustos, Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Kuya Jobert, etc. Even big corporations were penetrating the social media just recently. They collaborate, give perks and pay financially to bloggers and sensations for blatant brand exposures which are practical and whole lot cheaper than paying millions of peso for celebrities and TV Ad production. So, who knows you could be the next Internet Superstar, do what you want to do and don't care about us, just do it responsibly because the judgmental public is vigilantly watching [ooops, count me in] . There is a prize for those who will make it.

SENYORA SANTIBANEZ IS INFLUENTIAL WITTY, AND CLEVER. With around 1.1 Million strong and loyal followers at the moment including famous Filipino celebrities, brands collaborating with the only one Senyora will have a sure hit. The Alipins are getting so active than ever and continuously growing in number. Even if Senyora started a new page after the first one was hacked, it never became a reason for the Meme sensation to become distinguished by several award giving bodies. You know what they say about funny people, they are often the smartest. And that is very evident when she published the Original Pabebe Video on a national holiday at Philippines' Indepence Day, when everybody just have the time to browse their social media accounts. I could say that Senyora Santibanez greatly helped the Pabebe Girls in getting viral and the effect is mutual. Even how many times she lashed the Pabebe's with humiliating side comments, Senyora knows it's just for the Alipin's entertainmen and that the Pabebe's success is her success. Peace Senyora. <3 We Love You! 

YOUR OPINION DOES NOT COUNT, EVEN MINE AT THIS POST. Wala kayong magagawa! (There's nothing we can do) as the Pabebe's warned all of us. Well that's true. Everyone can just post anytime regarding his or her concerns regarding a certain topic. Opinions are subjective which makes it not wrong nor ultimately correct. It is part of our democracy and autonomy as a person but it just have to be done carefully and responsibly. Expressing opinion is about giving another point of view and insight to others and not imposing it to everyone to accept it. So the catch is, it is alright if we can not appreciate or understand other's opinion but we must always respect. Again, RESPECT to that person's right and human being is a must and should always be in mind. 

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