Saturday, January 31, 2015

G O | S E E En cuir avec un but

You might have seen this ensemble on my Facebook account but here are the complete details. I had a night out with college block mates and we had dinner at Sala and some booze afterwards. You can check my previous post about it here

G O | S E E Nouveau en ville

Time for my outfit post! So, for some of you waiting for my style post, here it is. I just came up with something easy and ready for the street or anything that might goes. Here are the details.

Friday, January 30, 2015

New Town Plaza Hotel, A New Place in Town

New in Town. If there is anything evident in the country today which is also the same in Baguio City, that would be the increase in the business of real estates. Aside from new restaurants and cafes, there are also budding new hotels and corporate properties such as the New Town Plaza Hotel.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grumpy Joe and the Hottest Sauce Ever!

And the food hunt never stops! For this day, which I already could not recall anymore, we went to a new restaurant in the city called the "Grumpy Joe." 

Hola Ajuntha y Rey!

A beautiful morning in Volante, Camp John Hay, Baguio City with our dearest Ajuntha and Rey. Some early conversation over cups of coffee and tea and deciding where to go after. Hmmmmmm

Thursday, January 22, 2015

G O | S E E Vieille école

Miss Universe 2014 Preliminary Competition


Remember The Joint which I featured last time here on my blog? Well, it got a more family-oriented version, I guess. And its found just beside it. If I was right, the name was derived from a Filipino word of a Spanish origin, "Sala," which means living room in English.

Pretty plsssss haha

On this day, Philip already arrived in Baguio and that means I am a no-loner anymore. He came from Manila where he work now as a celebrity stylist. And just like me, he was very excited and could not wait to check what the city had to offer that time. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

G O | S E E Notte in un malato Giunto

I have shared with you about the places I've been with these ensemble. Now, this post would elaborate it all even if it's not really necessary. LOL. I've been wanting to do layering again with my clothing because I can only do it in Baguio with its around 10 degree Celsius temperature. As you can see, I used three layers. I just wonder when will I pull 4 layers or more. Well, check my look for now! ;)

Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint

The Joint. And so, Jhseany and I finished our dinner. Then we had the situation which made the evening quite sketchy. But, with all the universe's goodness, we were able to continue our real catch up in The Joint. 


YELLOW! We are now continuing my posts regarding my recent trip to Baguio last month. For this evening, I had the chance to meet again one of my good friends back in college till now. May I introduce Jhseany to you all. Well, the dinner was supposed to be cut short because of a situation and that I almost ended up the night in a hospital. But thanks the heaven it did not pushed through. Anyway, we had our dinner in Yellow Cab in Camp John Hay because we craved for something cheesy and salty and away from the city.

Friday, January 16, 2015

One-eight-one R&B

What I keep on saying always, I love Baguio for its unending surprises for people who are always into something fresh and new. I don't know if it's a good thing but the turn-over of dining and partying hot spots in the city is very quick, one day it's open, the next month it's closed or replaced by another.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

G O | S E E Glasses and Greens

These were minutes before I jump to Ballet Baguio's Danserenade last December 2014. I had a quick lookbook session with Jairus in a new hang-out place called "One-eight-one R&B"I will talk about it in my next post and you can click on it for now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bravo Ballet Baguio!

Photographed by Eric Quan

Erstwhile Le Conservatoire de Danse de Ballet. The Ballet School was founded by Mrs. Joanne Go and Ms. Jacqueline Go (Artistic Director) back in 2003 with only 4 baby students and most importantly, full of hope. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ili-likha Artist Village

For my dinner with my block mates back in college, we decided to try Ili-likha (Ili-likha Artist Village). The place amazed me so much with all the pieces of art works installed in there. It's really appetizing to the eyes. The place will not just satisfy you gastronomical needs but will also gratify your over-all senses from the moment you entered the place until its corners. The walls, floors, and ceilings are just full of intricate details and unique set of designs. Another thing I love about the interiors is that most of the materials that I saw were recycled, truly innovative. As I have understood it, the place is somewhat also like an art gallery for Cordilleran artists spearheaded by Internationally-Awarded Artist Kidlat Tahimik.

G O | S E E L'Art autour de moi

I am such a nocturne and it doesn't goes well with my cam and my shaky hands. To be a morning person is such a hard thing for me to do and it's only when the night comes when I am feeling this spike of energy level and makes me want to roam around. Anyway, reasons are reasons so I'll just push this post anyway to share my next style post. LOL! Additionally, the blurring kinda added a certain feeling of being in another world or dimension when you got in this place. It's like being high. (Well, I haven't really tried it though.)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

G O | S E E Thinking of the Holidays

 This was my first day and a short meet-up with my designer friend Jairus. We both have different parties to attend that day so we just had a quick catch-up. Of course, lookbook-ing is a MUST!, so here are our photos.


Baguio Arrival. The moment I reached the place where will I stay for some nights, I immediately texted my old friends and good thing that one of them is available and just got out from duty. Christine saved a loner that night and we spent the night catching-up and judging other people as we always do. HAHAHA. Kidding. I think we ate so much while she talks about her love story while I listen therapeutically. MEH. Well, seriously speaking, if there is one thing that I remember from what she told me that night which I really like, it's that "Love" comes in a perfect time in a perfect moment with a perfect circumstance around it and you can not stop it- C. Ganggangan, 2014. I wish you all the best garl! Photos taken Last December 2014. Some of the places I missed.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

G O | S E E Cuir et crânes

Ok. I have been to Baguio last December. And as always, the feeling is always something new. Not only that, the city has always something new to offer the bored souls of its visitors and inhabitants alike. You can feel the month of December as the wind bites and give you chills and it will last till February.  It gave me an opportunity to wear everything I can't here in Nueva Ecija. So hashtag layering for that. LOL. My next posts will be about my recent trip and experience with my special friends that I haven't seen for a long time. So here is my look.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

G O | S E E Black Gold

And for my first style post of the year, I want to show you this easy ensemble with my Art deco shirt, jeans and my forever lovely boots; off to somewhere with my beautiful anyhting-goes/model buddy Arianne. The photos ain't that crisp and it makes me want to have a better camera. But that's gonna take quite a bit. What's important is that I could still share my thoughts and that you can see what I'm wearing, I assumed. LOL. So here are the photos. Please feel free to bash me or something. HAHAHA

Moonleaf Teashop a la Cabanatueño

First of all, I would like to greet you all a Happy New Year. I know it sounds a little cliche already to talk about new beginnings, new year, new outlook in life but like what I'm saying to every person that I meet, " Always be the better person than you are before by always choosing to learn from any experiences you have. Happiness is a decision. Thank you.. LOL