Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pretty plsssss haha

On this day, Philip already arrived in Baguio and that means I am a no-loner anymore. He came from Manila where he work now as a celebrity stylist. And just like me, he was very excited and could not wait to check what the city had to offer that time. 

To start the day from Jhseany's hood with a very special breakfast which she made for us, I just prepped fast to meet and welcome Philip near our former university. We started dropping by at Escuela for some refreshment and to check our dear friend JM's artwork together with his fellow Tarlakenios ( a.k.a Graphyt). I also featured  Escuela here on my blog last year. After that, we strolled through some old places we were always at like Assumption Road, Melvin Jones and Skating Rink at the Burnham Park. You can check the photos below to see how it went by. Later that day, we will be meeting Jairus and finally we were together after a long, long time! 

I will be back for more photos about that day on my next post!

Life is A Jernih

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