Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint

The Joint. And so, Jhseany and I finished our dinner. Then we had the situation which made the evening quite sketchy. But, with all the universe's goodness, we were able to continue our real catch up in The Joint. 

Work, goal after 5 years and beyond, being single, celebration of our live's little special things, these were just some of our topics during that night. Gone are the days when we are talking about tomorrow's long quizzes and intensive nursing case presentations, when we are gossiping along the university's hallways and checking out some random cuties in the campus. We just laughed about it that night, and for sure, till the next time we meet. 

We are now really living the life we are talking about when we we were younger and skinnier, and a bit tipsy. LOL. We would say we are on the right track at the moment if we are talking about achieving goal. Our college days were more dramatic than usual, filled with unforgettable moments with special people and happy times. And, I am very sure our friends would agree that we have no regrets while thinking about it with a mean grin. I do not know if this is the big word they are calling maturity, but I guess it is, perhaps.

And on that note! I would like to cut the drama part of this post to share about the cozy place we we were at that evening. The place is called "Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint" or The Joint in short, as I refer on it to save some speaking effort. If you plan to spend an evening to chill or to be with your friends, then The Joint is the perfect spot for you guys. It's new, spacious and it is really meant for you Ladies and Gents. Plus, the food selection and the interior will really make your dining experience extra something. 

The interior speaks of maturity itself and very masculine. Dark-colored wood, concrete and metal elements are present. It is giving me a feeling of a throwback as the place looks like some pub in old American Cowboy-themed movies. The place also gives off a European vibe of a bar. But with these inspiration, you can still appreciate the place's modern touch as seen on its lighting, arrangement, and the texts on the walls, which will make you busy as you wait for your orders.

The service crew is also warm and receptive. We even had the time to chat with The Joint's Supervisor Mike Ebusca ( a former classmate and forever a friend) whom elaborated and answered all our inquiries about the whole of The Camp. Nice place, nice food and nice people, what else will you look for? The place is a must-try whenever you go to Baguio any time soon. Put it on your list when you visit Baguio this coming February for its annual Panagbenga Festival.

Check our photos! :)


We went light that evening because we had quite a heavy dinner at the Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Camp John Hay earlier. I promise to get back here to try some of their special treats with a hungry tummy. And lastly, I really hope that they will feel generous and will let us try their specialties on our next visit. Also, for us to share it on our readers on my next posts then. #simplewish #claimingit #universe #thanksinadvance. LOL

So there you have it, Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint.

You can visit and like them on Facebook!!! and be guided where to find it in the city.

And also, learn more about the rest of The Camp and look for The Ampersand and Sala which I will feature on my next posts.

Located at Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City
IG : @justanotherdamngoodsickjoint
official hashtag: #sickjoint

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