Friday, January 30, 2015

New Town Plaza Hotel, A New Place in Town

New in Town. If there is anything evident in the country today which is also the same in Baguio City, that would be the increase in the business of real estates. Aside from new restaurants and cafes, there are also budding new hotels and corporate properties such as the New Town Plaza Hotel.

My friend Jairus brought us to this very new and beautiful place in Baguio City. New Town Plaza Hotel was not fully constructed then, I believe, because there were still on-going building processes that time. But, I definitely felt and imagined the place and I am sure that it will just get better and more fabulous as it is being completed. The design is modern and earthly. It is picturesque and selfie-friendly. The interiors and ornaments somewhat depict shapes and forms that could be found in nature. I could also imagine a roof-top or an indoor party or event in the hotel. What I love the most about the hotel is the view of the thick vegetation carpeting the mountains in front of the structure. That is priceless!

Another thing that we checked on this place was its buffet called the Elements. We have not tried it yet because we just came from a brunch at the Grumpy Joe but we had some refreshing drinks. The menu will surely satisfy your gastronomic needs and for sure, the Elements buffet. The buffet is mainly Asian cuisine and the food looks delicious. We will definitely get back with an empty stomach to savor all of its dishes available. I really pray it is going to be free. ;)



So for those of you who are planning to go to Baguio this coming summer, you now have a place to go. No more panicking for unavailable and fully-booked hotels during peak seasons. It is complete with hotel rooms, restaurant and other facilities. 

Till my next post!

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  1. wondering how much you paid for the rooms, and howm many folks can it fit..

  2. wondering how much you paid for the rooms, and howm many folks can it fit..