Sunday, January 4, 2015

Moonleaf Teashop a la Cabanatueño

First of all, I would like to greet you all a Happy New Year. I know it sounds a little cliche already to talk about new beginnings, new year, new outlook in life but like what I'm saying to every person that I meet, " Always be the better person than you are before by always choosing to learn from any experiences you have. Happiness is a decision. Thank you.. LOL

And speaking of everything new, this post is about the new Moonleaf Teashop here in Cabanatuan City as Ajie and I tried this branch for the first time. I first encountered the drink in Baguio City and never forgotten its taste since then. There is something different in it compared to other milk teas. From its sweet scent that will make you rush sipping for the playful pearls and its cool silky smooth feeling in your mouth down your throat. It is just refreshing as you can imagine. It's definitely a favorite and a must-try if you haven't tasted one. 

Another thing I love about Moonleaf is that their attention-to-details of their interiors to enhance the over-all experience. I like the infusion of tropical-looking ornamental plants to the clean details which really fits the Cabanatuan brach where it is always sunshiny and temperate. I just visited two of their branches but I just can't stop noticing the beautiful difference. So I encourage you guys to try Moonleaf Milkteas for a refreshing experience to stay healthy and spending quality time with your friends and loved ones this year. Let's all have a prosperous New Year!

You can visit and like their FB  page H E R E and be directed where to find it.

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