Thursday, January 22, 2015


Remember The Joint which I featured last time here on my blog? Well, it got a more family-oriented version, I guess. And its found just beside it. If I was right, the name was derived from a Filipino word of a Spanish origin, "Sala," which means living room in English.

Sala. The room is definitely living and has a life itself. Of course, like any other living room, there are lots of sofas around which serve as a seat for its customers. Center tables and televisions are also there. But some elements are just fascinating and surprising.

Maybe you are used to paintings hanging on your walls but not here. Putting paintings and caricatures of famous people on the ceiling is such a clever idea which will make it their own signature interior style. It also keeps you busy while lying near flat over the couches as you wait for someone or your orders. The place is well lit and additional lighting makes the arts more dramatic. The design will definitely give you a feeling of being just at home. The walls have bricks on it. The windows and the doors have colored glasses which reminds me of old Filipino houses. I bet it is very rare to find one nowadays. 

Jairus, Philip and I definitely had a great time catching up with each other. Updating each other about our careers and studies and some fashion updates and opportunities. Some unforgettable moments from the past and the people we would like to see and meet again that time and the following days.

I will be posting some of their food on a separate post when I had a mini reunion with my college block mates. For now you can like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @salabaguio and check for more details where to find it. I can't wait to share it with you guys, but I really have to post chronologically to avoid confusion on both of our parts. LOL. 


Located at Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City

IG : @salabaguio
official hashtag: #sala

This would be all for now. I really hope I could share as much about their special dishes on our next visit. So... KNOCK KNOCK Sala!!! LOL You may want to feed the hungry. :3

Till my next post!

Life is A Jernih

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