Friday, March 11, 2016

The COFFEE LIBRARY: A Lesson with a Hint of Coffee

After our shoot for a local TV Ad in Baguio, my gang decided to refresh a bit somewhere. Of course it has to be new, near Session Road and most of all affordable because we just need a place to stay for a short-while while waiting for Jairus; then Ajuntha brought us to Coffee Library.
As the name implies, the cafe serves a variety of locally-grown and foreign flavors of coffee. Also, there are books over the shelves which you can browse, but the thing is that you can peacefully study in this place if you are a student or just want to go solo. The Coffee Library is situated on Upper Bonifacio Road which is surrounded by major universities in Baguio like University of Baguio, Saint Louis Unversity, SLU Laboratory High School and some elementary schools, so I therefore conclude that the place is very strategic. Not to mention, the neighboring apartments and dormitories around it. If you are a visitor, accessibility would never be a problem because it is beside a major road, so cab and jitneys are not of a scarcity. And if so, you can just walk a few yards to get in Session Road, Baguio is a walking city anyway. 

The food looks delicious but we cannot eat anymore because we are still full from the food we had from the shoot. I think we should return hungry so we could munch on their sandwiches and pastas.

Photos courtesy of Jairus and Philip.

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