Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Arya Abra

That's right, I've been in Abra.. I know that most of you would stereotype the province to be violent and politically-controversial but give the humble place a chance. It's not happening all the time and as we can see, it only peaks during election seasons. It's nice having friends this far because it's giving me chance to know more about other provinces aside from mine. All was well during my trip. In fact, it's not my first time here already for I used to have my clinical duties here in Abra. Most of the pictures below were just around my friend's house and all the bums in between for there are few itineraries that day.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Of Pots, Flowers and Family Jewels

It's my second day at Ilocos Sur and Nina has been so kind to me for interchanging her shift in order to accompany me to other places here. We've been at Burnayan or the pot factory where you can buy some clay pots and ornamental materials made of clay. We've been also at The Hidden Garden for our snack. There is a restaurant in its middle part surrounded by variety of plants from fruits to flower-bearing type which they are also selling. We also had a quick stroll at The Heritage Site to buy some souvenir stuff. Lastly, to Vigan Cathedral and have some prayers before I leave going to Abra.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ylocos Sur's Saving Grace

Hello Sunshine! So these are the photos I've had during my first day roaming around in Ilocos Sur, mainly in Vigan City and Bantay. At last, I had the chance to step and walk through the Heritage Site. I remembered that the first time I saw it wasn't the my first time I've been there which makes it quite uncommon. 

Anyway, please give me a break because I am really fascinated on the Spanish Colonial designs fused with other oriental and western elements still present along the antique alley. The movement to maintain and protect its natural form is something I really adore from the government. 

Aside from the Heritage site, Nina and Mika brought me to the Vigan Cathedral which is equally rich in terms of designs which also signify that strong bond between the Filipino values and Catholicism. Same as in Bell Church in Bantay, it's beautifully old and it speaks for its many graceful years that has passed. I also took these chance to reflect and give thanks to all the blessings and strength that I had in the past. I even prayed for the result of the recent NLE which we had on June 2013 to be very, very fortunate for me and the people I know who wanted it to turn good too.