Monday, July 1, 2013

Ylocos Sur's Saving Grace

Hello Sunshine! So these are the photos I've had during my first day roaming around in Ilocos Sur, mainly in Vigan City and Bantay. At last, I had the chance to step and walk through the Heritage Site. I remembered that the first time I saw it wasn't the my first time I've been there which makes it quite uncommon. 

Anyway, please give me a break because I am really fascinated on the Spanish Colonial designs fused with other oriental and western elements still present along the antique alley. The movement to maintain and protect its natural form is something I really adore from the government. 

Aside from the Heritage site, Nina and Mika brought me to the Vigan Cathedral which is equally rich in terms of designs which also signify that strong bond between the Filipino values and Catholicism. Same as in Bell Church in Bantay, it's beautifully old and it speaks for its many graceful years that has passed. I also took these chance to reflect and give thanks to all the blessings and strength that I had in the past. I even prayed for the result of the recent NLE which we had on June 2013 to be very, very fortunate for me and the people I know who wanted it to turn good too.

So that's all, I hope by the end of this post you'll feel like you've been to Ilocos Sur rather than seeing it as a lengthy post. That's all.
Vigan Cathedral

Around Plaza Maestro Mall near the Plaza Fountain

Some cool and yummy refreshments at GuilTEA Cravings.
The place is still under its finishing touches I think.


Starting to stroll across The Heritage Site.

Tricycles there are fully-armored with stainless works. 

Some souvenir shot for me. Thanks for my hometown girls Nina and Mika for tolerating my tourist mood. LOL

Trying to find some souvenir birthday gifts for my mom and sisters.

I've seen a post by Robbie Becroft of that they've been in the Heritage Site too around the date I'm there. I hope we bumped along the way and saw him in flesh. I'm quite his blog reader. 
Some vintage McDonald's

Inside Plaza Maestro Mall.

Of course, Philippines' own, a vintage Jollibee.

The Plaza Fountain. I'm just sad I wasn't able to catch the Dancing Fountain Show the previous night. I've heard there was a ceremony held for some VIP like the American Ambasador to the Philippines.

Bantay Church

Please here my prayers, Amen. Nina told me to touch and rub my palm on the robe because its miraculous, and so I did it. There's no harm in believing Mother Mary, Mother of Jesus, Son of God. 

Chapel by the Ruins beside the Bantay Church.

Some drinks and...


Thinking where to go next??? No, I'm a bit tired already. Time to go home.

That's all.

Life is A Jernih

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