Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Yukito Kanai


Yukito Kanai





Ethnic Origin:


Creative field and what’s about it:

Dancing and Singing to express what I'm dealing with.

Goodevening everyone!Arirang shared once again our performance last KCDF.Here's our piece. I hope you guys enjoy! #KCDF #Feels #Nostalgic #Performance #KpopCoverDanceFestival

 Dancing, Singing, Writing, Drawing and Online/Console RPG Games

Favorite Food:

Favorite Movie:
Hot Chick

Favorite Song as of the Moment:
Peterpan - EXO

Favorite Book:
Game of Thrones

What are your major influences or aesthetics?:
Performing Arts

What is your biggest fear?:
To fail all my dreams.

What is your dream country to visit?:

What was the last dream you remember?:
Visiting my HS school and trying to enroll again.

Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?:
Eating and sleeping.

How did you start what you are doing:
Trying and finding it inspiring both for myself and others.

Favorite Icon:

If you will be featured in any magazine/show, what would it be:

What’s your most memorable moment so far:
Being chosen as Philippines representative to go to Korea together with my groupmates.

What’s your favorite city and why?:
Baguio City, its climate and semi-traditional look really suits my dream place.

Whom do you want to perform with/paint in the future?:
kpop idols? Haha

Who else do you want to collaborate with in the future?:
Maybe acting with some veteran actors.

Advice for other up and coming creative on your field:
Never stop! Rest, but dont give up!

Your Mantra:
? Haha

Aside from what you are doing now, what else you want to do/achieve?:
Releasing my own book.

Good morning everyone! Want to know what we did in Korea? Here's a video of Shiners' vlog with Cypher '사이퍼' as we had...
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One word to describe yourself:


Twitter name: indignation11
Instagram name: yukito11

Other pages/blog: fb: Yukito Kanai

Also, meet young actor John Vincent Servilla.

Life is A Jernih

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