Friday, February 5, 2016

LITTLE TOKYO. Japan in my hungry mouth.

It is exciting me whenever New Year comes, it is not really that I feel restarted or refreshed but because new things worth celebrating and enjoying are probably on its way. Included in the list are the birthday celebrations of my dear friends who are now having amazing career track and cha-ching, ultra dependable salaries. I coud say their success is my success. $.$ That is why events like birthdays are something that I look forward annually.

I may not recall the exact dates of their birthdays but I know who will be celebrating by month. For January, it is my cousin/barkada/principal sponsor, who had her birthday just recently. I do not know, but we are always going in Japanese restaurants to chow-down. Just last year, we had Santouka. This year was in Little Tokyo in Makati.

Little Tokyo did not disappoint. The serving was generous plus the food tastes authentic, I guess. LOL. (I have never been to Japan to say so but soon ;) The serving was creative in my opinion and hello? I was just invited and it is free so I have no right to complain here. HAHAHA. But seriously, the sushis, slices of fish meat and that noodles-turned-to-some-sort-of-a-pie were amazing. They taste excitingly delightful as they appear.

Also, the friendly Japanese owner or manager was so generous and gave us extra treats when he learned that we were celebrating Esme's birthday. He even took a photo of us and uploaded it online. Arigatou gozaimasu Sir! 

So here are our photos...

Life is A Jernih

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