Thursday, January 28, 2016

LA PARILLA BAGUIO. Food that feels like home.

After a long tiring but enjoying day, as our plans permitted it, we had our dinner on something new. Ate Faith brought us to La Parilla Baguio. 

The place was cozy and warm. It feels home and that feeling of being home just got more when we browse over their menu. Filipino cuisines are their major specialty. Of course, since it will be sponsored by Aika from Canada, we did not shied away from ordering their best-sellers as Aika told us to get what we wanted *musicinmyears. So, we ordered for four set meals to suffice our gastric gratification that evening. I am very sure everyone was hungry as I am because we are all eyeing on those bunch of food and deciding was really quick. We ordered 2 sets with pork with ensalada (for the people from Pangasinan)  and another 2 bunches of seafood (for people from Baguio and Nueva ecija, that's me!) Then told the people along the way and still coming to buy some wine. La Parilla has corkage policy.

I think I do not have to explain how the food taste like because just looking at them will make you drool. So here are our photos. 

Life is A Jernih

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