Friday, January 22, 2016

TAM-AWAN Village: Garden in the Sky

Baguio has always been a melting pot of so much discipline that one could ever think of. Culture, education, music, food and the arts. That is why places like Tam-awan Village is a no surprise to the locals but still amazing and amusing for people like me who is from the Central Luzon because it showcases so much of the Cordilleran art. 

Tam-awan Village has an affordable entrance fee of 50php. They will give you a map for a more strategic path for you to see everything what is inside. The funny thing was that, we were not able to follow the guide and our group got separated to two. But still, the experience was fun because while we were enjoying art pieces and installations along the course, there was this thrill of finally finding some of our friends, LOL, which happened after a short while. The course was not that long but the hike was pretty energizing. It was like an exercise for your body and sense of art. I would suggest that you were footwear which are not slippery when stepped on mossy rocks and terrain.

So here you go...

Also check what we have eaten for lunch at Ili-likha Artist Village along Asumption Road, Baguio City.

All photos courtesy of Jovele Benito.

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