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Drake Dustin Ibay

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Drake Dustin Ibay





Ethnic Origin:


Creative field and what’s about it:
Art & Fashion. Everything fashion. Styling, Fashion Photography, Creative Thinking.

Broken wings? I'll still try to fly. PH: @ibaydrake |  MO: @carlabarucci  | ST: @nenelashiro_designs | H/M: @patcameron

I like collecting crystals and gems. I believe they have these powerful energies within them. Just like how they use it in the ancient times. I also love to travel. Observe the culture of places I travel to.

Favorite Food:
Foie Gras

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Song as of the Moment:

Curse Me Good – The Heavy

Favorite Book:

Editorial 1/23 #NYC H.E.Y. | PH: Drake Dustin Ibay | MO: Lance Parker W/ IMAGES NYC | ST: Nene L.A Shiro Nathaniel White  | G: Toni Quinto-rey.

What are your major influence or aesthetics?: The world.

What is your biggest fear?: 

What is your dream country to visit?:

Santorini, Greece.

What was the last dream you remember?:
Me dying on a plane crash.

Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?: 
Bags, Gems, Luxury. Things I believe you deserve when you work hard.

Amadeo Part Deux. PH: Drake Dustin Ibay | MO: Amadeo Leandro  | ST; Jhobes Estrella | G: Toni Quinto-rey | H: Jandra Babiera

How did you started what you are doing:

I really don’t know, I just saw a couple of photos from Niccolo Cosme back in Multiply days. Next thing I know, I’ve been shooting. I love beauty. I believe there’s beauty in everything.

Favorite Fashion Icon:
Suki Salvador (Executive Creative Director of MEGA)

If you will be featured in any magazine, what it would be: MEGA

What’s your most memorable fashion moment so far:
Shooting with the MEGA Team in New York City with Tyra Banks.

What’s your favorite fashion city and why?:
New York. Nuff said.

AMADEO. PH: Drake Dustin Ibay  | MO: Amadeo Leandro  | ST: Jhobes Estrella | H: Jandra Babiera | G: Toni Quinto-rey 

Whom do you want to dress, style, or photograph in the future?:
Suki Salvador

Who else do you want to collaborate with in the future?:
Suki Salvador

Advice for other up and coming creative on your field:
Just do what you’ve got to do. This Industry is a serious bitch. It can swallow you. So, be brave.

Fashion Mantra: I don’t give a fuck what they think.

Aside from what you are doing now, what else you want to do/achieve?:
Open a business. Travel more and do an editorial in every city/country possible.

One word to describe yourself:


PH: Drake Dustin Ibay |MO: Danica Magpantay | HMUA: Anton Patdu | Designer: Drei Soriano

Twitter name:


Instagram name:


Other pages/blog:

Life is A Jernih

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