Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jake Tabudlo


Jake Tabudlo




Ilocos Sur

Ethnic Origin:

Filipino (Ilocano)

Creative field and what’s about it:

Creating runway accessories made out of wires


Favorite Food:
(nothing in particular)

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Song as of the Moment:
Love Never Felt So Good by MJ ft. JT

Favorite Book:

What are your major influence or aesthetics?:
Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty

What is your biggest fear?: 
heights *wink!

What is your dream country to visit?:

What was the last dream you remember?:
I dreamt about myself, being stuck in a room full of colorful clouds..

Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?: 
rubbing any of my shoes :P

Jake Tabudlo Eye Monsters VOL. 1 | Photographed: Juan Carlos Miguel Alomajan | Styled by Janno Styles | Asst. by Irvin Jvris Fang | Beauty by James Lubrica | Model: Nathalie Perrier at LVX | More of the capsule collection here:

How did you started what you are doing:
I created this eyewear with white earphone cords detailing 3years ago, it is very fascinating to me on how to create accessories that would give me my identity in fashion.

Favorite Fashion Icon:
Steven Tyler, G-dragon, Lady GaGa, Sarah Jessica Parker

If you will be featured in any magazine, what it would be:
Vogue Italia

What’s your most memorable fashion moment so far:
When I saw my headpieces (on the internet) worn by foreign models in Ms. Kaye Morales’ Centipede Collection for L.A Fashion Week

What’s your favorite fashion city and why?:
Korea, maybe because I want to meet the k-pop band Bigbang hehe!

Whom do you want to dress, style, or photograph in the future?:
I want to see Lady GaGa wearing my eyewear. And a  selfie of me with G-dragon. Haha!

Who else do you want to collaborate with in the future?:
McQueen House for my headpieces

Advice for other up and coming creative on your field:
When you’re into arts or fashion, don’t let other people dim your light, just express your art, love what you do, believe in yourself.

Fashion Mantra:
Follow no rules.

Aside from what you are doing now, what else you want to do/achieve?:
In the future I want to set an exhibit for all my wire art pieces.

Repostfrom @photo_rockstarSTYLE Fashion Week | The REEF L.A. 10/16/14 | Designer: Kaye Morales @mzkayemorales | Styling: Janno Novenario @jannostyles

One word to describe yourself:


Instagram name:




Life is A Jernih

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