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Not so long time ago back in college, our instructor for Nursing Management asked us what field in Nursing do we want to pursue after college. I remembered answering shamelessly and loudly , a  Celebrity Nurse! LOL (even though I knew there is nothing as such)! That was so fame-whore and naive of me but I was young then that's why it's still funny and that's it and we needed a little ice-breaker once in a while. Then, she told me that there is no such thing (I know). She synthesized it for me and gave me a title, "Media Nurse" and accepted it like a crown. We continued to have our discussion and realized that among the fields discussed that day, the Cruise Ship Nurse takes the biggest money and perks of travelling which entice me so much up until now. Everything was all dreamy and seemed to be achieved easily back then. I graduated and passed the board exam for Nurses. I am currently in the practice now and having a taste of the real world. It is all happening now and it's real and bitter-sweet.

How would I start with this one? I really feel that I have the duty to my fellow nurses because our oath includes caring for the humanity, and care is eternally unconditional. Additionally, the last time I check the species charts, Nurses are humans too, whom need care as well. Nurses are like other people out there who got bills to pay and families or people to support and feed. We are not automatons. I don't want to sound melancholic but this is the reality. I don't have the legit numerical datum to support what I'm saying here but there are some 6269 people who already signed up online for Nurses for Change Movement as I type so there must be something wrong. As I came across this Nursing for Change Movement and its petition, I felt that I must do something about it and not just be one of the Facebook "Likers" because that won't really help (I guess) and I doubt if blogging would help this issue too. I am a Novice in the practice and will be sharing what I have observed in my 1 year and 5 months (and still counting) of being a nurse.

I don't usually blog about sensitive issues but this one has something to do with me. This is my blog and my opinion counts like yours. :) So since I have this not-so-famous-blog of mine, I'd like to be a medium to extend this petition to my colleagues. Also, to share the agony of some nurses which is not really new to me because I am currently in the practice. A lot of my acquaintance and friends are also nurses whom have different experiences and worked in other fields and hospitals, but we all have this same denominator, the lack or unjust compensation and opportunities for nurses. 

Some got luckier than anyone of us and secured a position and are being paid in government or in private hospitals but not the salary that the existing law mandates. But still, they are thankful because receiving a regular salary is already a big blessing for a Nurse here in Philippines even if it is below 5000-8000php a month, even if there are no added benefits or such, or even if you have to work more than 8 hours a day, even if the hospital can't provide your facial masks and alcohol. Nursing in the Philippines is like the fashion industry, it is cut-throat, a daily bloodbath, and dog-eats-dog!

Some got a little lucky. They work as Nurse Volunteers in some hospitals for free. Some requires them to have a duty of 8-16 hours, depending on the institution. No payment needed. They are just after the Certificate of Experience then apply for Nursing opportunities abroad with uncertainty. But still, most of them are thankful because they don't have to shell out cash. BECAUSE, some hospitals made an enterprise out of this unfortunate situation for Nurses. Some hospitals are asking for "Training Fee" from nurses before they can acquire their experience like around 3000php up to 10000php (based on my interview). Some may bite this offer because they have the means but not everybody. Not only that, after a span of time like 3-6 months, these hospitals doesn't guarantee them that they will absorb these "Nurse Trainees" to be their regular or permanent staff nurses.

Some went to have additional education and pursued Medicine, Masters Program and Specialization Training like Dialysis, EMT etc. Well, if you got the buns, why not? But unfortunately, again, not everybody can avail these advantageous programs. Some of the nurses' family like ours have already shelled out so much during their 4-year collegiate studies. Plus, if you studied somewhere far from home, like the bills for apartment/dormitory rental, city charges, allowance, school requirements, etc. Plus, if you have other studying siblings along the way or in college like you. ( I salute to all the providers of every family)

Some have been, not really unfortunate at all, but enduring, practical and passionate of what they do. They found other ways to make a descent living. Some ventured into various businesses (Nurse Entrepreneurs in the making). Some pursued opportunities like being a Call Center Representative, Network Marketer, Event Organizer, Reflexologist, Designer, Stylist, Hair and Make-up Artist, Fashion Model and anything you could think of. Believe me. I have met all of them and they are my friends. Some are happy and some are not. I found nothing wrong with these because nurses are naturally strong and creative individuals and we must create opportunities for ourselves and not just wait for opportunities to come in front of us. 

I still consider myself lacking valuable knowledge and wisdom for I am still young. But I always wanted to share an obvious fact that we are not different from other people, Nurses. We all have 24-hours a day. Some people still succeed in life even if they didn't reach or finish college (though proper education might help you in lot of other ways). It's just a matter of goal-setting so that every day you will spend onward is a day well-spent toward your objectives and goal. Success is the process itself actualizing a goal. Success is the journey to our dreams so be sure to enjoy it.

AT LAST! Remember that feeling you had when you finally graduated? 

It is a good thing that we have fellow Nurses pushing Nurses for Change Movement now and that they are fighting for the Nurses welfare. I am an optimist, but honestly, there is still this tiny portion in me that hinders me in totally believing that we could actually reach the justice needed for each Filipino Nurses (well, it's human nature to be a pessimist). Just watching the daily news that we have on the television talking about corruption, poverty, and war and disaster-stricken areas in the Philippines, etc., I just wonder how would we actualize what we are fighting for here. But that's not a problem as long as we, Nurses, know where we are heading. Eye on the goal! Patience is not a problem, we've been sleepless, standing in our duties and humiliated by some of our patients (not complaining, just stating), so I am very sure that we have been through a lot and we are already resilient.

So for now, all we can do is to sign-up, like, share and support necessary activities which you think will lead to the success of this movement. Keep our core values as Nurses and pray that this petition reach its proper decision and that we reach the justice for each Filipino Nurses. 

Life is A Jernih

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