Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet the Frio and the Rosario Family

This post is dedicated to the Family Frio and Rosario who accommodated me during my stay in Ilocos Sur. I decided to post this separately from the others because I want to tell you more about these family. It would also make this post so long if I will include all the photos we've had that day. 

They are a very hospitable type of a Filipino family. It is also very timely that Mica's mom, Dra. Rosario would be celebrating her birthday and I got a chance to meet the Rosario Clan as well. And most importantly, the celebration gave me a chance to smother on some literally FRESH seafood and vegetable buffet which is my favorite. Healthy lifestyle huh? 

Included in this post are some of the treats and happenings in between.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Best Halo-Halo for me so far

This post is about Halo-halo de Iloko found in City of San Fernando, La Union. It's my third time here already and their food is still good and authentic. I suggest that you drop by and have some break here if you'll ever be going to La Union or just crossing it. Then after a good snack which we considered as dinner already, me and my friends part ways already and I headed to the North at Ilocos Sur. I'll be uploading more pics of that trip soon.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Humble San Gabriel

Actually, I separated this part from my previous post because I think it's too long already and it might bore you guys. Anyway, it's more pictures of San Gabriel which according to Mae is now a Class III municipality. I really don't know what it means exactly but I know for sure that it is something good for San Gabriel because it is a status of having progress. Mae is so informed regarding this because her dad is a Municipal Councilor. I really adore how humble and warm their family is knowing that her dad holds a position in the Municipal Level unlike others.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Alluring Lon-oy Spring

This will gonna happen a little later :)))

Since Irene and I weren't able to make it earlier the previous day, we were still happy that we still have somewhere to go this day. Our hometown girl Mae will bring us to Lon-oy Spring where majority of nearby town's fresh water supply is coming from. There will be a little walk compared to the Tagadian's almost-an hour-hike.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

To the North Going La Union

It's been awhile since my last blog for I've been in a week-long vacation. And maybe, (well, for sure), I am pretty sure that I'll be sharing my trip's photo in the succeeding days while waiting for the June 2013 NLE Result. Basically, like my first day was a day-long travel up to the town of San Gabriel, La Union because I came late for our call-time as usual and have to travel a little late that day. So, Irene and I wasn't able to come with the rest of our friends to the Tangadan Falls, one of the falls San Gabriel is known for.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Partying almost every weekend is something I and some of my friends definitely missed through our latter years in college. Since, we just graduated and finished taking the boards already, why not party again just like the good-but-not-so-old times. So after months of hectic preparation, we go Purplin'.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nurses Licensure Exam: Road to the Boards

As the board exam for Nurses gets close, we got some little preparation on our own with Phil and Ajie.

Checking out the rooms as advised by PRC.

Strolling around like a tourist.

Some not-so-stolen-shots

ICE CREAM. Ajie's treat

The Beneficiaries. HAHAHA

Bumped with Pipay and Dustin at the Cathedral

Needing some Divine Intervention.

STREETFOODS. Ajie's treat again


Looking for drinks

Over-rated Burnham lake

Going to Tita Joy's House, Phil's Aunt

Life is A Jernih

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sabsabong ti Mayo: Day Three

It's so nice to be part of STM once again just like last year. Each year, it's getting bigger and better. I had an opportunity to ramp for Onesimus Suits and Barongsstyled by Mr. Red S. Zurbano, Head Fashion Designer of Onesimus Corporation and Jhaemz Francisco, Visual Merchandising Supervisor of Onesimus Corporation with Mr. Manhunt 2012 June Macasaet and Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry and of course, with majority of our models from our agency Forefront Productions and some from other agencies here in Baguio City. So here are what happened around the show.

To the organizers and people behind the show and its success, Ms. Ezra, Ms. Jackie and Mr. Butter. Thank You so much!:))

Mae, Me and Laura

Me with Philip, HMUA of the Day

Us boys??? LOL

At the Backstage

Assembly time

During the Sagala (Grand Parade)

At the show

The show's really done at this photo. Just trying some runway shots

Me and Vernon

With Mr. Manhunt International 2012 June Macasaet

With Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry

The boys with Ms. Ezra and Philip

With Mitchie

Plus Ajie and Sam,  Forefront ladies

Life is A Jernih

Forefront 2013

Forefront 2013
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Photographed by Topper Ballola of El Garahe Studio
Lay-out by Yours Truly

Life is A Jernih

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sabsabong ti Mayo 2013: Day One

A year has passed and Sabsabong ti Mayo was once again celebrated by SM City Baguio in association with Team Delirious Productions and of course, my Baguio family, the Forefront Productions. The 3-day event was filled with spectacular showcase of pristine Filipino heritage and tradition. Exhibits were opened to the public and most importantly, fashion shows were conducted to showcase the designs of established designers like Le Femme, Ms. Jackie Espinar, Mr. Jairus Sumineg, and Mr. Harvic Dominguez.

You may want to check out the complete collection's photos at Sir Joseph Tagle's Facebook Photo Album. The following photos were some of the BTS.

Assistant Stylist of the Day, Sagumay Agapito
Working-out my friend Jairus Sumineg's uncoventional designs.
Phil, Laura, and me werqin' it out. Can you feel the intensity in this image?
Tasting the runway with Phil, Jai, and Mauie.
On top: with Stylist Khaleb, Models Mau, Phil and Ajie Bottom: Models Clea and Raisa

Everybody's favorite part. :))) As others would hashtag this moment, #happytummy #foodporn #satisfied