Thursday, June 6, 2013

Superbowl Bakakeng MXIII

"Just be yourself, but if you can be Beyonce, Be Beyoncé!"

We're just really forced to perform on our culminating activity this June Season of SNRP. (just kidding) In fact, we just practiced for like 4 hours to complete Beyonce's non-stop 8min performance (We actually shortened it from 13min real Superbowl Version). But we are still happy that the crowd still love it at that they participated in our performance. It's so nice to see people happy and smiling especially when you know that you contributed to their happiness. To all the LOUISIANS, TOP THE BOARDS!!!:)))

***video to follow

Photos courtesy of Ms. Tania Louise, Thanks :))

Some shots after the culminating activity
Me and Philip. Pagoda festival-look

Phil, Christine, Kuya Biasura, Me

with Reddy

with Ma'am Abul

Joseph, Ma'am Soliman, Ma'am Padchao

Life is A Jernih

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