Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sabsabong ti Mayo 2013: Day One

A year has passed and Sabsabong ti Mayo was once again celebrated by SM City Baguio in association with Team Delirious Productions and of course, my Baguio family, the Forefront Productions. The 3-day event was filled with spectacular showcase of pristine Filipino heritage and tradition. Exhibits were opened to the public and most importantly, fashion shows were conducted to showcase the designs of established designers like Le Femme, Ms. Jackie Espinar, Mr. Jairus Sumineg, and Mr. Harvic Dominguez.

You may want to check out the complete collection's photos at Sir Joseph Tagle's Facebook Photo Album. The following photos were some of the BTS.

Assistant Stylist of the Day, Sagumay Agapito
Working-out my friend Jairus Sumineg's uncoventional designs.
Phil, Laura, and me werqin' it out. Can you feel the intensity in this image?
Tasting the runway with Phil, Jai, and Mauie.
On top: with Stylist Khaleb, Models Mau, Phil and Ajie Bottom: Models Clea and Raisa

Everybody's favorite part. :))) As others would hashtag this moment, #happytummy #foodporn #satisfied


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