Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet the Frio and the Rosario Family

This post is dedicated to the Family Frio and Rosario who accommodated me during my stay in Ilocos Sur. I decided to post this separately from the others because I want to tell you more about these family. It would also make this post so long if I will include all the photos we've had that day. 

They are a very hospitable type of a Filipino family. It is also very timely that Mica's mom, Dra. Rosario would be celebrating her birthday and I got a chance to meet the Rosario Clan as well. And most importantly, the celebration gave me a chance to smother on some literally FRESH seafood and vegetable buffet which is my favorite. Healthy lifestyle huh? 

Included in this post are some of the treats and happenings in between.

Arriving at Bantay, Ilocos Sur crossing the Vigan Arc.

The Host, Nina Frio, now a Professional Nurse.

Some Kervie? Kerbie? on bottomline being interviewed by Tito Boy. I wish I could converse and be friends with Tito Boy someday. I think he is an extremely intelligent man.

Selfie for breakfast.

Some porn

Just imagine how many photos I had before getting out of bed..

The Buffet
It's a salt-water Parrotfish according to Mika. It's different from the fresh-water parrot fish which is shorter and being used more for ornamental purposes. Trust me, I was once a fish-guy. Additionaly, I think it is the fish whom Pisci caught and ate in the film Life of Pi. The fish which changes its color a lot and called Vishnu by Pi.


A house full of memories. Mika's family travels a lot, from Africa to Europe and some parts of Asia.

Some antiques.

I really like the idea of mixing and preserving the Spanish colonial elements with modern housing designs here in Vigan City. 

Nina and Mika, BFF and both are Professional Nurses already.

Their friend, Sagumay. Just took the June 2013 NLE. I'm excited for the results already. I will post more of this look in my next blogpost

That's Dra. Rosario, Mika's mom, in tank tops, Mr. and Mrs. Frio in blue striped polo shirt and pink floral blouse consecutively, and some important guests.

Dr. Rosario, Mika's dad, on grey shirt near the fish tank.

Ready to ride.
BFF. I really wonder how it feels for Nina and Mika to have each other literally grew up together. They went to the SAME school since their first day of school at Pre-elem up to graduating with a same course from the same university. Plus, they are housemates till they graduated. I think if one them is a boy, they'll surely end up as married couples in the future. 

Some DIY nail-art by Mika. RAWR! I love it.

And we really ride around the town. I'll have the photos be posted on my next blog entry.
Then home to change clothes because I'm sweaty, then returned to the Rosario's residence for a round two.

Some vintage photography paraphernalias. I don't know what they are but I guess they really matter to serious photographers and hobbyists.

Cute bike. We actually planned to bike around nearby Mika's house but Mommy didn't allow us. Well, we just have to enjoy the moment. A mother knows best.

Some shoot.

Push mo lang teh. LOL.

Nina is so oriental.

Round 2.

Dragonfruit Movement. People in the North are now into cultivating it on a big-scale and even on their own backyards. It sells good. It tastes good. And I know some of you loves it. I would love to have a Dragonfruit plantation in the future. I think they are a fashionable fruit.
Bibingka. Their bibingka (rice cake) in the North looks and feels differently from the bibingka being made in the Central Luzon especially on Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo around Christmas season. Bibingka in the North is rectangular and sticky and in the Central Luzon, its round and more fluffy. But the method of cooking it is the same, burning coal over and under till it's cooked. Both taste good for the record.

Some French treat.

Wine-bottle-shaped chocolates loaded with real spirits and liquor. Clever.


I enjoyed this book, seriously. LOL. while playing cards.

I think nudity-presenting-art-works are representation of a nation's OPEN-MINDEDNESS. I think the Philippines have few. Haven't we?

I want this in my future home.

The next day.

Breakfast's ready. A foreign Spam and a traditional delicacy.

To Bantay and Vigan City and beyond. Stay tuned.

Life is A Jernih

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