Friday, December 12, 2014

G O | S E E Jardin à Papillons

Something colorful for today! Yeah, because Ruby has already left. Cabanatuan is back on its humid attitude. So, something light is appropriate for this day. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014


As of the moment, I haven't watched the full show yet but my feeds were all bombarded by the recently held Victoria's secret Fashion Show which happened in London few days ago.  Well, it's that time of the year when you, together with your friends, gather up and watch the show with food in your lap and feel the essential-guilt brought by the ever-gorgeous casting of VS. Just kidding. Well, don't be. I'd like to believe that VS just want women ( and men to their respective partners) everywhere to feel confident and celebrate diversity. And to live a sort of a healthy lifestyle, perhaps, to achieve those fit and toned bodies. I'm not really sure but I hope these are enough reasons for you not to feel bad. Well, just don't feel bad anyway, 'coz your beautiful in your own way. ;)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

G O | S E E Semi-foreman

Semi-foreman. My clothes look semi-formal to casual but with the vibe of a construction site as depicted by my background and my haggardness.  As if I am the one in-charge with the project! LOL. I can't even remember the last time I wore a vest for an outfit. The look was very early-2000's. I used to wear them a lot when I was in high school. But given that December is around the corner, why not wear them again. The weather is not that hot like that during summers but it's not definitely that cold. Just the right balance, especially when it's already evening.

N O W P L A Y I N G DJ Earworm's 2014 United States of Pop Music Mash-up "Do What You Wanna Do"

Of course, it is also that time of the year when DJ Earworm's "United States of Pop" Music Mash-up is also on air and available. It has been a tradition for some of us to listen on it and keep on being amazed on how he was able to do this or his team. The mash-up was entitled "Do What You Wanna Do", quite fitting for the new generation. The music includes hits of Iggy, katy Perrry, Pharell, Lorde and lots more. Well, find out more and listen to the music below. What do you think of it? 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

N O W P L A Y I N G CC the World by Pharell Williams for Chanel's Reincarnation

While the Angels are in London, Cara and Kendall chose to be with Legends in Austria. Well, if I were also on their shoes, I will also do the same. And as part of the Chanel's Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d'art collection, Karl Lagerfeld made and directed a short film entitled "Reincarnation" featuring the song "CC the World" composed by Grammy-award-winning musician Pharell Williams. The short film debuted the latest collections and other models like male Topmodel Baptiste Gabbiconi and also the singing and dancing career of Cara Delevingne while she waltzed in a very chic ballgown with Pharell. Also the film starred Geraldine Chaplin as Coco Chanel. Enjoy the film below and let me here your thoughts.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Hashtag Elmer


First of all, Happy Birthday to Elmer and thank you for another free meal of my life. LOL. We celebrated his birthday at Desserts Chalet at Kapitan Pepe Subdivision here in Cabanatuan City. I like the fact that a lot of restaurants and cafes are now available in the city. I now have something to tell my friends where to go here whenever they visit my hometown. Unlike before, there are fewer places available. That is why I felt like a foreigner in my own town when I got back after finishing my college studies. I would love to share what's around the city in my next posts.