Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Hashtag Elmer


First of all, Happy Birthday to Elmer and thank you for another free meal of my life. LOL. We celebrated his birthday at Desserts Chalet at Kapitan Pepe Subdivision here in Cabanatuan City. I like the fact that a lot of restaurants and cafes are now available in the city. I now have something to tell my friends where to go here whenever they visit my hometown. Unlike before, there are fewer places available. That is why I felt like a foreigner in my own town when I got back after finishing my college studies. I would love to share what's around the city in my next posts.

Dessert's Chalet, as I have mentioned already in my previous post, specializes in making desserts and other sweet treats obviously. I really wanted to share the menu but we only had few orders then. We just had drinks because we have another birthday party to attend later, lots of food as our friend told us were ready so put #practicalliving after that. HAHAHA. And another reason was that we are reserving the rest of the night with some booze and loud music somewhere. ;) 

I would definitely and would really wanted to go back during a daytime on my next visit here. Shoot another style post and take advantage of the sunlight. The interior and the architecture need some justice. It's all white, minimal, very clean and country-looking, like a doll-house. So sunlight would really make that place extra beautiful during daytime. And for sure, that would be the best time to share what the cafe has to offer. For now, let me just share that they make their own whipped cream  and it tastes heavenly, like making out with angels. LOL. But seriously, I thought that if the whipped cream is of their own recipe, I just wonder how the cupcakes taste like? Hmmmm... that's for us to find out.


Till my next post!

Desserts Chalet Facebook Page and IG Account.

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Photographed with Samsung S5 by Elmer Sebastian

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