Sunday, November 30, 2014

G O | S E E Country Blues

Few hours from now, it's going to be the last month of the year. It means that another friend would be celebrating his birthday and he chose to celebrate it earlier. The post for it and the venue will follow after this one. For now, let me share regarding my outfit. 

Jumpers are some of the items which are coming back so I gave it a try. It's actually my mama's. I really don't know where my mom would use it. ???. I love how the jumper I'm wearing was so utilitarian. I've matched it with my customized-boots and plaid tops channeling my inner Huckleberry Finn with a posh-ed finish. Well, it was planned that we are going to try Desserts Chalet that evening, a new cafe with a lots of sweets and desserts to choose from. The ambiance feels like a country home to me. It also feels like you are in a dollhouse, hence, my outfit. And as you all know, minimalist architectural and interior designs have a soft spot in my heart. Alright, alright, alright, here are my photos. No camera that night by the way but the smart phone worked just sufficiently. Enjoy!

Plaid Tops, Thrifted
Denim Jumper, Dickies

Ring from Divisoria

Customized Leather Boots, Domo Italy from Trinity Apparels Baguio

Till my next post.

Photographed with Samsung S5 by Elmer Sebastian

Life is A Jernih

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