Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lourd Ramos

Photographed by Chester Godoy. Styled by Janno Styles. Special Thanks to Mark Neto Diaz. 


Lourd Ramos


35 and fabulous


Makati City

Ethnic Origin:

Ilocano and Bicolano

Creative field and what’s about it:

Celebrity Hairstylist and Hair Expert. Owner of Creations by Lourd Ramos

Cooking Laing and chili sauce - fresh, reading books about business and love stories, cleaning my house ultimate favorite  

Favorite Food:
Inlove with foie gras and white pasta

Favorite Movie:
Starting over again and One Million
Dollar Arm

Favorite Song as of the Moment:
Sounds of Monte Carlo Symphony 53

Favorite Book:
Grow by Anthony Whitaker, Gentleman Pledge -

What are your major influence or aesthetics?:
In love with all beautiful trends from Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin and Balenciaga. I love change, Davines always evolve hair trends from Italy. Tresemme, presents the latest trends fresh from the runway

What is your biggest fear?: 
 That people will not love what I do.

What is your dream country to visit?:
I wanna go to Angola and Scandinavia, rarely beautiful. I love going back to New York and Paris as well. I also fell in love in London for the 3rd time.

What was the last dream you remember?:
Walking thru beautiful mountains and I'm in the forest.

Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?:
Yeah!!! Perfume hoarding of rare scents, Annick Goutal, Bachmakov, John Creed - Penhaligons 

At Fashion Asia Awards 2014 held at China.

How did you started what you are doing:
I was a banker and shifted to salon. Dear you may look at Mega Magazine, Ruffa Gutierrez issue my lifestory is there.

Favorite Fashion Icon: 
Marc Jacobs and Wang

If you will be featured in any magazine, what it would be:
I wanna be featured in Vogue Italia and US as the first Pinoy to trend for Asian hair

What’s your most memorable fashion moment so far:
Guesting for Asia's next top model!

What’s your favorite fashion city and why?: Paris and New York! All out and fresh!!

Photo from Hola Magazine Philippines.

Whom do you want to dress, style, or photograph in the future?:
Imelda Marcos new hair and makenup! Princess Rhana and Lady of Monaco.

Who else do you want to collaborate with in the future?
 Marc Jacobs and Nicholas guesquire

Advice for other up and coming creative on your field: 
Discipline and patience, vision makes it more exciting. Be ambitious but stay humble and make it happen!
Fashion Mantra: I am flamboyant !! Though very tailored!

Aside from what you are doing now, what else you want to do/achieve?:
I want my own restaurant where I will personally cook for clients to make them feel the love I have.

Photo from Lourd's FB.

One word to describe yourself:


Instagram Name:

Life is A Jernih


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