Monday, November 24, 2014

Be P I L I | P I N O

Maybe some of you have already visited my P I L I | P I N O page on Tumblr. You can share the photos as well on Facebook from H E R E. It's actually my page devoted in my advocacy to celebrate the Filipino look and help other people, especially the youth to appreciate what they have, their unique looks. *** Pretty Hurts by Beyonce playing *** That there's nothing wrong and that we all shouldn't be carried away by what the media and beauty products' marketing strategies are telling us.
Additionally, it is also my way of practicing photography, so, win-win situation it is. Here are some of my photos from my past post. I've been longing to shoot again. So if you want to be part of my advocacy and inspire other people, you can leave a message on my Facebook page H E R E  and let's start from that. Let us know what makes you proud as a P I L I | P I N O. Enjoy! 

Get to know about the models and what makes them proud as a P I L I | P I N O .

Life is A Jernih

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