Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jernih's Christmas Gift Ideas

The Christmas is truly in the air. I can finally feel it while the evening mellow wind brushes my cheeks. I really wish we have snow here in the Philippines. But it is still fine, the essence of Christmas is not measured by the inch of snow bulking up on your windshield nor the number of parties you will be attending to. It's about love and sharing our blessings. So, to make it really really obvious and show that you really care, you have to give gifts to the people you cared the most. You can give the fanciest gifts but it's optional (We can talk about it. ehem ehem) So to help you guys out on what items to buy for your upcoming exchange gift in your Christmas Party, here are some of which I think are the hottest item right now. 

Some Shades of Grey

If you want some quick and more affordable item to give, you may want to buy some Grey-colored items. I'm seeing a lot of grey this season. Maybe due to the normcore trend and spike in the minimalist movement in fashion. It also gives some sporty vibe. There are tons of items in the market to select from. Just get to know the recipient more so the item would fit him/her, well, literally and figuratively.

Accessories Accessories Accessories

If you are quite uncertain on giving clothes because you are unsure of their sizes, well, you can give accessories as your gift. Just one key-piece to make any ensemble work so that the gift would be really maximized in terms of its use. You can choose from wide-brimmed hats, watch, jewelries or glasses.

Oooops, I'm sorry. I think that was too much Versace. LOL. What can I do? They're super gorgeous. Maybe you can find something that resembles it.

Leather, Feel Her

You can also give leather footwear like booties or some sensible dress shoes. It never goes out of style and season. 

Sweaty and Sporty

And for unexplained reasons, a lot are digging into this cool and posh sporty items all of a sudden. They might not be health-conscious or into any kind of sports but these items will still work because some just want having them for the word "cool." I can't blame them. Well, if they deserve your love then go ahead. You may help them shift into a healthy life-style because of your precious gift. 

Finally, IPhone 6 Plus Forever

Do I even need to explain why? 

I'm planning to get one from Globe Telecom for most of my friends are Globe subscribers and like I'm one since the invention of mobile phones. Hopefully before the year ends. You can check their offers HERE!!!. But if someone is already on it, tell me a.s.a.p. LOL... uhm Hello Globe Telecom???

Well, I will admit it. This is quite a personal wish-list to me, so sorry for scamming your time a bit. LOL. But I am very sure my list will help you in buying your gift/s for that special somebody or your classmate/workmate/groupmate/relative/me. ;)

Life is A Jernih

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