Tuesday, November 18, 2014

G O | S E E Eternal Summer

Hey y'all! I'm here again. I had just got the rest and sleep I needed since our trip to the North. Here you can see, I'm enjoying the beach wearing a crop top. I had it in my closet for a long time now since I purchased it from a thrift shop back in Baguio since the time I can't recall already. It was just this time when I finally got the guts to wear this. It's a beach, it's windy but still humid, we're there to get wet, so wearing less is a BIG YES! Well, I've seen some pieces from the men's runway for a number of times. I can't wait for the next time when I will sport another crop top again.For sure, y'all gotta be updated so keep reading my blog again and again, make it a habit and most importantly, share it all you want. See you soon again.

Printed Crop Top from a Thrift Shop

Swimming trunks from Bench

Bontoc Wild Boar Tusk Necklace from Maharlika Shopping Center, Baguio City

Slippers from a friend (I just borrowed it 'coz I have no slippers all the time)

That's all for now. Other photos of our trip will be my next post so keep posted. Thank You.

Photographed by Juliegrace Ferrer

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