Sunday, November 16, 2014

G O | S E E Baguio Detour

This would be my first post which I think could be tagged as  "Style" post. All my previous posts were like talking about more of my travel and just a link to my account regarding my outfit. So, as part of continuously reinventing my blog, I would be posting about my perspective about style and fashion from now on and I hope it could help others as well. Also, please feel free to share about my posts so other would know that men can actually wear women's clothing like the way women could wear men's. Talk about androgyny, unisexuality and gender-benders. I'll be telling more regarding our trip in a separate post so please stay tuned and for now, give way from my first ever Style post.

The photos you are seeing right now came from our unplanned trip to Baguio brought by my dear friend Emily Ferrer of MYZRFEVER who just came from Singapore. We just planned going to La Union but for some happy reasons, we've decided to detour along our way to the North. I felt excited of course! Baguio has always that special spot in my heart because I used to live and study there when I was in college and most of my friends and acquaintance now were from Baguio and its neighboring provinces. That is why, when I got back in Nueva Ecija, I got few people to call. I would like to say sorry to my super, super close Baguio friends and my Forefront family for we only just had a brief moment and lunch in Baguio at 50's Diner that's why I didn't informed anyone due to some time constraints. That would explain being sleepless and thankfully bringing sweaters. I'll be back on December and that's for sure. :)

Knitted Sweater from a Thrift Shop

Wristwatch from Guess

Black Maxi Dress from Oxygen ( from my friend JM Tabamo, don't tell him *whispers)
Red Pants from a Thrift Shop
Shoes from Bally 

Photographed by Jem Ferrer

Till my next post.

Life is A Jernih

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