Thursday, December 11, 2014


As of the moment, I haven't watched the full show yet but my feeds were all bombarded by the recently held Victoria's secret Fashion Show which happened in London few days ago.  Well, it's that time of the year when you, together with your friends, gather up and watch the show with food in your lap and feel the essential-guilt brought by the ever-gorgeous casting of VS. Just kidding. Well, don't be. I'd like to believe that VS just want women ( and men to their respective partners) everywhere to feel confident and celebrate diversity. And to live a sort of a healthy lifestyle, perhaps, to achieve those fit and toned bodies. I'm not really sure but I hope these are enough reasons for you not to feel bad. Well, just don't feel bad anyway, 'coz your beautiful in your own way. ;)

On a fashionable note, let me take this post to share my favorite looks among the collections. The show was divided to segments which includes, Gilded Angels, Exotic Traveler, Dream Girls, University of PINK, Fairy Tale and Angel Ball. There we're also performance by Ed Sheeran, Hozier, Taylor and Internet's Newest Sweetheart Ariana Grande. So here are my picks.

Wearing this Golden Feathered Cape will surely makes me feel super in an instant.

A serpentine body work

Spell fiesta

Feelin' Latin

I like this one just because of Joan Smalls. LOL

I always love behind-the-shows.

Another feathered-number

Hello Barbie

The wings that made Ariana the newest Meme sensation.

Dragonfly wings

I just love gold. This one looks like it was inspired by an online game character.


This year's fantasy bras. I'll take the red one.

B O N U S:

Our dear Ariana.

Doing her Popstar thang. 

and those wings would have been her one less problem. IF... LOL

I just think the previous shows were better in terms of costumes and performances. Well, I have to check the full video first and will update y'all. That's All. 

Life is A Jernih

Photographs from and Getty Images.

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