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Sabsabong ti Mayo Schedule via

Here I am again to share something as always. Well, for now, it is really something about fashion. What you will see ahead are our BTS and some shots on stage during the recently concluded SABSABONG TI MAYO, Ilocano for "FLOWERS OF MAY". I really don't know how it started here in Baguio because ever since I started to live here for college, I was hearing it always especially around the month of May. It is like Flores de Mayo as celebrated by Catholics in other provinces like mine in Nueva Ecija. But one thing is for sure, SABSABONG TI MAYO is right here to bloom with FOREFRONT (FF) models, well, I've just heard, let's cheers to that!!!:))) It is my modelling agency which represents me and all of us were booked in SABSABONG TI MAYO 2012. It is also my first ever fashion show since I started modelling that's why I'm extra happy about it and I was cast for Onesimus. I would like to express my gratitude to all the organizers for bringing this event possible.

This event has fashion shows which showcased some bridal and designer gowns by Jack and Den's Shop and  Miss Karla Santillan. There are also suits and barongs by Onesimus. (find them on facebook HERE!!!)

 There are also designer exhibits where in my friends Jairus Sumineg (also our handler at Forefront Productions) and Kuya Rian Fernandez participated. Their works were so amazing. I'll show you some pictures on my next post.

The event is still on-going I guess with its closing program on May 31st in Baguio Convention Center.

So, for the pictures, here they are. Hope you like them even tough some shots are blurry because we don't have anybody professional to take amazing photos and in the first place, the camera used was not ours. But, we got ourselves, Philip, Aji, Jai and JM to do it alternately for 3 days.We borrowed it from Bosh. Wherever you are Bosh, thank you very much.

 I'm not really present around the first day because I have my school-hospital task to do then as a student nurse. But still, I would like to share it with you because no one ever will here in LOL
Ate Vanessa
Ate Laura
Ate Ruby
Final walk
Tintin with Aji
Lai with Aji
Gab with Aji
Michie, Jai (our handler), Aji, Philip
Stolen shot Phil???
Gwen, Ruby, and Samantha after the show.
The Girls, Job well done!!!
Ate Vanessa upfront.
Girls up-close. I think they are prettier in a closer look.
Was this some deliberation???
FEEDING PROGRAM. Aji's favorite part of the show I bet. HAHAHA. Just look at her big smile. The show was done by us models for FREE as we agreed on it and the food was part of the event's compensation for us. The show was just like more of the model's exposure as we were being told by the organizers and I am still thankful for that because there will be a lot of shows lined up in the future which are compensated monetarily, well, I hope so.
I think Aji is not alone, right Gwen??? HEHEHE
Lolith, James, and Aji.
Yes Aji?? Ansabe ng pose??? HAHAHA
Beauty Queen shot, Aji??? HAHAHA. I like this shot.
Dining-in, right Felina??? HAHAHA
Our HMUA for the entire event, JM Tabamo with Samantha.
Some attempt for a swan-neck head shot by Aji.
Some Greenwich food.
What's the prob Ate Ruby??? HAHAH
I think somebody's full already. HAHAH. Right Jai???
A satisfied-tummy-smile.
Are you fine still Aji???
or just sleepy??? HAHAHA
Lookbook time.
Want some swan-neck shot too Phil???
Where's the subject??? LOL
I am very sure that Phil took this shot. HAHAHA
Yap's around na.
and Sim too.
I think Phil and me were having conversation over the phone here. They are inviting me to The Woodnymph, also here at SM City Baguio for another sponsored dinner. YEY!!! Our favorite part of every event.
What's the problem Bro and Sis?? HAHAHA
At The Woodnymph, a Korean restaurant.
And now I'm around for a free dinner. BTW, I'm wearing a crisp white long-sleeved polo shirt from Armani Exchange.
***DISCLAIMER: Aji is really taller than me. HAHAHA
Some smoke after dinner somewhere out of SM already.

No thanks, I don't smoke.
Some lookbookin'.

 Some oily festival.

Life is A Jernih

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