Friday, May 18, 2012


It's now men's turn on 2nd day of Sabsabong ti Mayo at SM City Baguio and I'm pretty excited about it. As I have told you in my previous post, I am very happy because I was cast as one of the model for the show and because it was my first fashion show ever. Not only that, we got the chance of wearing some suits and barong provided by Onesimus for their show. We also had the chance to meet the styling team of Onesimus from Manila. We have met Sir Red Zurbano, Head Fashion Designer of Onesimus Corporation, together with Sir Jhaemz Francisco and Miss Maria Christina Carter. It was our pleasure to work with them. It's so fun to be with them and like you'll never feel the tension brought by the upcoming show later that day. They have done the series of exposures and the fitting. Everything is so systematically arranged from clothes to labels. So, if you like to check or follow Onesimus, just go on their FB account HERE or on Twitter HERE

So here are the shots that day. Aji is the photographer of the day. Jo Ann Bitangcol is her peg, the model-turn-professional-photographer. LOL. 

Aji's head shot taken by me during our preparation earlier for the show.

Dressing up.
Sir Jairus as the hairstylist of the day.
Sir Red styling the suits and barong on us. It's getting hot inside the tent even if it is raining outside that's why Sir Red took off his top.
Sir Jhaemz, together with some Onesimus Staff of SM City Baguio helped in dressing us too.
And we're done. Strike a pose boys. From L-R, Carlo, Me, Sim, Reimark
Mark, I forgot his name, and Maui
My turn.
We've finished the preparation fast because we didn't used any make-up on us because our MUA JM got school class that's why.
Some Onesimus fan sign shot with Sir Red.
With Sir Jhaemz, Miss Carter, and Sir Jairus this time.
Sir Red and Sir Jhaemz giving some instructions about the routine.
Sam waiting for somebody to love. :)))
Sir Jai talking over the radio.
Posing as a reflex.
I like this barong the most. It's like ombre in color.
I kinda look sick here. Well tired more probably because of my hospital duty rather than being sick.

With Miss Carter, Sir Red and Sir Jhaemz.
Job well done everybody.
The Organizers behind Sabsabong ti Mayo 2012. Miss Jen, Sir Butter and Sir Jai. Job well done!!!
Finished. *smoooooch
I'm wearing a moss green Mossimo long sleeves I have scored from the ukay-ukay.
Ate Vanessa in the house.
Some sponsored Greenwich pizza.
A young happy couple made in heaven.
Aji's ninja moves.
Where you laughin' at Sam?!!! hahaha
Some talk-show.
More talk show.
Some left-overs.
Aji with Jai's design.

I love this piece the most. It is actually a layered two-pieceensemble, red over orange. For me, I thought of the flame when I first saw it.
A very definite Summer wear.
I can imagine myself waring it by the sunshiny seashore.
Just contact him for further details.
Some heel-less.
Another heel-less. I think it's my size. :))) The fishnet looks so naughty. RAWR!
Jai with his designs.
Some retouch before we leave.
Kuya Rian's exhibit. Those are wedding gowns. The design is so detailed and intricate for me as was looking at them. I love the idea of feeling the designs with my bare hand. Like, flowers are dimensional. i like the one in the middle the most.
I'm kinda tired already in this shot because I came from a 7-3 duty shift from an operating room and with me are 2 sets of uniform in my bag, one for hospital and another one for the OR Proper because it is STERILE there and you can't just wear your clothes used outdoor there.
Some lookbookin' kids. HEHEHE
While waiting them. I'm talking with my clinical group mate about my cases and roles for tomorrow's duty in this photo.
About what I'm wearing, my black JACKS PLACE military hooded jacket is from Bayanihan Ukay-Ukay here in Baguio, skinny jeans from Guess and my unlabeled leopard-printed bag pack from Baguio Night Market for 230php only.
This is the smoking area of the mall that's why you are seeing a lot of cigar butts.
And that poor duffel bag on the floor is TOUGH Jeansmith bag that I've scored from the Baguio Night Market for 150php only.

This is it for now. Stay tuned for our day three of Sabsabong ti Mayo 2012.Don't forget checking my blog always. :)))

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  1. hahaha!! thank you for the feature love! ^_^ ♥

  2. Made me miss Baguio City even more! </3