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Here I am again to share our Day 2 of our NSTP 2 weeding program aiming to uproot all the weeds beside the mountain. This time, we will be deployed to Buyog, Baguio City. It is another day of pointless weeding without really uprooting the root as our facilitator had commanded us. So I think the weeds then will be just growing and growing all over again to keep the next NSTP batches busy. Thank the universe, I don't have to mind the activity so much for I know it would be a day of another chance to dress up a bit in order to make this blog alive via my posts. So here are what happened up there.

Hiking is the only way up there.
After 10 minutes of hiking, we reached the guard house.
Waiting for some instructions.
Some tools for the activity.
Distribution of tools.
I just love how these kids still manage to cam whore despite the activity that day. LOL
And more, spearheaded by Febey and Emily I guess, the girls to the most left and right. HEHEHE
Unlike there in Sto. Thomas where they got a huge water basin, Buyog got a big water tank instead.
One of my block mate negotiating with the guard before we leave the guard house wherein we left some of our stuffs.
Heading to our area of responsibility. You can almost see the whole of Baguio City up there and some part of la Trinidad, Benguet.
Well as for me, Ijust don't know with Joseph, Nikki, Madz and Philip, I am still waiting for the areas to be settled among different groups before I go down so I won't wait that much. Yes!!! I'm like that. I am kinda play-safe regarding this easy matter. HOHOHO
Paolo also covering the activity. Nice pose!!! HAHAHA
Warming up
Some dating??? Pre-nup shot??? HOHOHO. Ely with his girlfriend.
It's really easier to pose than to weed! I'm telling you old people.
Some demanding stuffs
Some girls really weeding out.
There is really posing sessions in between the weeding activity.
It's getting a bit burning hot there in this photo
Can you see the tiny buildings from below? Just imagine how high is this place, but not that really high.
Some shady areas we love working at.
Best Girl Scout for her Umbrella.
The Sun is your friend. Nothing can stop Philip from projecting and the like. HAHAHA
Ms. NSTP 2 Febey gives back. HAHAHA
They are almost tired I guess.
A little bit camera-shy
Thirsty Jay.
C-r-ool Baguio City from afar at Buyog.
That's Aji in a high pony tail.
It's not that really cool and breezy up there. It's very summer.
A not-so-affected-by-the-heat Hammy.
The heat is very draining that afternoon.
An action star named Aji Mae.
Having some rest.
Code 77
Hay fever
Something fast and about fashion in between this post: some shades, grey long sleeves from GAP under my R.D. uniform and Identity London Unisex Aqua Colour watch from London.
Grey GRAB denim skinny jeans (originally straight-cut) from Baguio Night Market and DOMO strapped genuine leather boots available at TRINITY.
Over-looking the city.
Some class picture.
Wacky barkada shot??? HAHAHA
Ajuntha posing around.
Resting a bit more.
Finished!!! YEY!!!
Returning to our jitneys.
Jaypee and Co.
Still waiting for the jeep to arrive.
Aji Mae and Co.
Some piece of action.
Another action starlet.
Febey, Mendoza, Walcien, Scarlet
Walcien, the photographer of the day, is the bida in this photo. HAHAHA
Still posing while waiting.
Another one.

Sassy-in around.
Gold stud earrings from IBAY'S Silvershop. That's the Ethnic bag I've mentioned in the previous day of this activity.

All photos from Walcien's Canon camera. There is still 2 days of activities left like this one. Just keep posted.

Life is A Jernih

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