Saturday, May 5, 2012


ALIENESQUE. The first photo to come out

Hi there again!!! I just wanna share something that we worked on my 21st birthday. Its a gift from a friend, something I would love to accept and do, a pictorial. Some of you might probably came across my friend's blog, but for those who haven't yet, check it out right now, like right now. Well, as a sign of my unending gratitude to my friend, I would like to advertise her blog which you can visit HERE. Thanks again EMILY FERRER!!!

What a pleasant surprise which I received that day. It really made my day, actually my incoming year as an amateur designer and a model. For the shoot, we featured my designs which were originally used in a university event within the School of Nursing called the Nurse Fest ( Fashionista Category to be exact). I was the team captain for TEAM YELLOW ZEUS and made our team ranked 1st before that day begins because we topped  the others in terms of SPORTS and GAMES but as it ends with the other main events that day, we ended up at 3rd place among  6 teams. I really don't know how, I may sound bitter right now but I really think our Student Government should invite more proper judges next year and not settle with somebody who is just around staying pretty and feeling-important and most of all, with somebody without any form of education regarding a specific category. Whew, anyway we moved on, well I think the whole team went to a depression for a month or three, so imagine that depression which is times 50 times 9 for me. It made me really sad not winning the Fashionista Category and not even placing at least 3rd place. It's like the crowd went crazy when we ramp the clothes and stuffs and cheers were heard stating, "Kayo na!" and "YELLOW SHOES!!!" instead of YELLOW ZEUS. I thought, and I think 3/4 of the crowd that day also thought that we are gonna win that category, so in all of our shock, we have no place at all. I guess thanks to the faculty popularity level of other team, to the butt cheeks of other team and to SOMEBODY who seems like literally sabotaged our music during the show by pausing it while it is played on 2 giant overhead projectors. A lot saw it and it aggravated my depression as in rock-bottom. Instead of my faculty model singing an instrumental Adele hit "Rolling in the Deep", the song "Sexy and I Know It" song just played at its loudest level I guess.So imagine the MAJOR, MAJOR shift that happened in the routine we have practiced for days. We didn't knew what to do that moment. I'm thinking of approaching the judge and technical supports to ask for a 2nd chance and  walking out that time, but NO, I and my fellow models decided to go on to the routine we have practiced, and the male models just danced to show the audience that the wrong song was really part of the show. So stressful!!! Can you imagine these??? It really drained my soul out. I am going to share what happened that day some other time. I just wanna thank the people who approached me and my team congratulating us despite of not winning anything by material. Via these, it kinda helped me a bit move on, like thinking we might not have won any prize, but we have won in many hearts that day which I think is so sweet.

But first things first, what we are going to do today is that we are going to dig in to some shots we had during my Birthday Photo shoot Surprise by Emily Ferrer at our residence. In this shoot, I did the designs and modelling too. I just wanna show that as a designer, I am proud of wearing my designs. Also, I would like to acknowledge the help of my friend Alyzza, her cousin Chris and my cousin Vina as models and my friend JC as a reflector-man. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being part of my 21st Birthday. I also want to thank my sister Jody for the female model earrings amd Aji who lend her high-heels for this shoot. I hope you like them. I opted designing simple pieces because the budget wasn't that big and we need to save it for other categories and sports. 

I entitled it SUMMEREXTRATERRESTRIALISQUE by how the shoot ended up. First of all, since I gor yellow pieces and the cut I guess were quite summer-y, I pulled out the SUMMER out of it. EXTRATERRESTRIALISQUE a.k.a. ET came from how we looked like after my unskillful application of make-up. We didn't have an HMUA that day and just for this day not to be wasted, I decided to do it knowing that I really have no education regarding basic make-up. So, we all ended up looking  alienesque as my friend described me to his shock. Additional to this ET-sque vibe is how my friend Emily edited most of the photos. Thanks to her abilities to fix my not-so-delightful make-up application somehow. I hope this explanation made sense for you. Lol, MAIPILIT LANG, HAHAHA. With no further ado, lezz go splurge on these photos.

A teaser photo edited by me on Picasa 3 and I enjoyed it HAHAHA. I translated SOON SUMMEREXTRATERRESTRIALISQUE in Chinese fonts because I was inspired by these Japanese porno I saw just weeks ago. I hope you find it still creative.

The cover photo, Chris is quite sleepy in here.
Alyzza in a backless dress
I like this effect where Alyzza got so many indentical clones with the dress cloned too.
Picasa 3 is fun. I used blue grad tint effect on this photo.
Vina in a piece I don't know how to address and a wide-legged pants with ultra high slits on both sides which reminded us of the Sex Bomb dancers' costumes. Lol
Emily just loved this shot and I don't know why.
I like the break in her body.
On your Right, Vina and Alyzza on other dresses.
On your Left, Top inspired by a Thierry Mugler Piece. On Rigth, Top is longsleeve with a slit on its chest part. The shorts were inspired by Michael Cinco's underwear on his PFW 2011 show here in the RP.
Chris in a muscle-sleeves sando.
I really wonder how Emily made the background disappear>
Me on a tattered top.
A headdress made out of my insomniac and boredom.
On Left, feather and popsicle fan by me and on Right feather neck piece designed by me and materialized by my blockmates, BSN-III-L for the Nurse Fest 2012 Fashionista .
Headpiece designed by me and materialized by my blockmates, BSN-III-L for the Nurse Fest 2012 Fashionista .
Another headdress made out of my insomniac and boredom.
Mask designed by me and materialized by my blockmates, BSN-III-L for the Nurse Fest 2012 Fashionista .
On  Vina, dress and neck piece designed by me and materialized by my blockmates, BSN-III-L for the Nurse Fest 2012 Fashionista .
Too sad when other headdresses and accessories didn't make it to Nueva Ecija after traveling it from Baguio City because they were dilapidated and lost they're actual form. They were damaged because the bag where they are was kinda forced and subjected to heavy objects on top of it. I really got no way to save them.
The photo with credits on it.On Vina, a vintage Versace shades from my Grandmother's Brother (quite distant huh??, hehe). On me, Ray-ban shades from my younger sister Jovi.
ALL PHOTOS BY Emily Ferrer. :)))
On the other hand, I would like extend my support to Ms. Jessica Sanchez of American Idol Season 11, She made me stay awake because she is so inspiring. I think you should win not just because we both have the same race running in our bloods, but that really counts, but because YOU ARE ON OF THE BEST SINGER EVER LIVED!!! ALWAYS SING WITH YOUR HEART!!!:))) I just wanna share some videos too and I hope it help in making the right decision of making her the next American Idol :)))


 May the Fourth be with you. Till next time. It's Sagumay Agapito just sharing anything anywhere anytime. :)))

Life is A Jernih

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