Saturday, May 26, 2012

FIVE DAY CHALLENGE Day Four: Describe two of your favorite memories.

Before you start scrolling down, I hope you may have some time checking my 2nd look in and I would appreciate it more if you share some hype if you are more generous of your time. Thank You Very Much. :)))

Day One: Five random facts about yourself. 
Day Two: Four of your favorite songs at the moment. 
Day Three: Three of your favorite movies of all time. 
Day Four: Describe two of your favorite memories. 
Day Five: One wish you have/One thing you would change about your life

When I look back in my life, I have no really favorite memories which I can remember. I tried hard thinking if there are any but there is really none. How sad of me. I guess I'm still in the search of my happiness and I hope it's just around ready for me because I AM MORE THAN READY FOR IT ALREADY. :)))

But anyway, I've got something else to share. Some photos I've edited over Picasa. The photos were taken by my friend Roxy in their house during my stay in La Union. it's hot outside like scorching so we decided something else to do. She took pictures of me for my account because I got no looks yet that time. I brought a lot of clothes there because it's just like that always when I travel. I packed for clothes good for a week even though it's just a three-day stay over there. It's better when you're prepared. You'll never know where that trip will bring you. Back on our topic, I think we've made 4-5 looks that day. I've posted 2 looks already but sadly, it is now flagged for deletion because I kinda didn't follow some rules.  Now I know. I hope, this look and the succeeding looks will pass they're site rules.

So, here they are. :)))

About the look, I wear a necklace with a Genuine Wild Boar Tusk I bought from Marcelo's Gift Shop here in Baguio City, animal print top I've scored from Baguio Night Market, animal print short stolen from Emily Ferrer's sea of clothes, Red One tribal aztec-printed leggings I bought from Porta Vaga Mall and my Bally woven natural fiber shoes with brown leather linings I've scored from Baguio Hilltop.

***my shoes kinda smile by the end of the day because of tip-toeing a lot. LOL. It's now being repaired for that.

You can actually access this look and my now flagged-for-deletion previous looks on and hype it if you feel a bit generous today. LOL. via clicking the images below.

Life is A Jernih

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