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At last, I will be sharing what happened on the third day of Sabsabong ti Mayo 2012. The third day includes a Santacruzan like that of what some Filipinos do during feast of Saints. But this time, we have done it inside SM City Baguio accompanied by the SLU Drum and Lyre Band and some arc provided by sponsors. It aims to mimic the real thing I guess. I am still researching for some pictures of the Santacruzan proper for we only have the BTS and Fashion show shots. I think all of us got too busy for that. Anyway, i've seen some friends took some photo during the Santacruzan, I might ask for pictures from them as well to share it with you.

For this event, the gowns were provided by Jack and Den's Shop and the barongs were from Onesimus. We were once again styled by the Onesimus styling team headed by Sir Red including Sir Jhaemz, Miss Carter and their Baguio branch staffs. For the girls, of course, by representatives from jack and Den's Shop. We have HMUA that day, YEY!!!, thanks to JM Tabamo and Eric Pascua, no sickly looks today for me. :))) So here are some moments that day. Hope you like it :)))

Vanessa smiling' away.
Snobby Baby Callum. LOL. He is avoiding the camera every time we are taking a shot of him. Camera-shy kid I guess.
Sir Jai and Sir Butter.
Some caffeine.
SOME REALITY CHECK. Is it only in Baguio where models are multitasking??? I sometimes think of this. Any way, Ate Laura here have done a great job doing it. CHEERS TO MULTITASKERS LIKE US!!!:)))
Some of Michie's Hair Magic.
Some Hypnotic.
The hair was inspired by Imelda Marcos btw. There are no Filipinianas later but it gives the idea of a pristine Filipina, I think.
Some pre-nup. HAHAHA
Gwen's done.
A young happy family made in heaven.
Jai configuring the hair out.
Ate Ruby and Gwen doing it their own.
I think she really looks like Sharmaine Arnaiz a lot. You'll see some of her photos down below later.
Tala waiting for her turn.
Felina's turn.
The hair reminds me of Katy Perry's E.T. more than Imelda Marcos. LOL
Some E.T. moves from Aji.
Another one.
Some final touch.
Ate Laura here is ready to strut it down.
Some polishing.
Can't promise the NO SMOKING part. The show will be a ONE SMOKIN' HOT for sure. Sorry! HAHAHA(Figurative Fact) ***FYI: SM City Baguio still got smoking areas near its Mang Inasal at the Ground Floor Level.(Literal Fact)
MEET JM TABAMO. Architecture Student/HMUA
Why the tongue Mich????
My favorite model, Ajie Mae.
She is the Reyna Elena of the day.


Since it's my blog, Imma post lots of picture of me. HAHAHA! So biased and i know you would bear with it, wouldn't you??? :))) LOL
Vanessa is always distinct for her unique looks.
Red is just Felina's color. She is of Chinese descent. Stereotypically, I've been thinking that once your part Chinese or Oriental, red will always just look good for you effortlessly.
Mich loving every inch of her curves. I love it when somebody is embracing his/her natural self.
Gwen was my partner that day.
Have I mentioned that the band behind us wore barong too. They performed some reggae Tagalog songs for the fashion show. I love reggae and the the vibe it gives me.
Aji as always.
Our turn.
TWIN TOWERS. Just look at these ladies towering heights, it's so offensive for me to stand between them. HAHAHA. BTW, the black formal pants was mine, it's from Kenneth Cole Reaction.
Just keep on smiling. :)))
Getting tired of smiling I guess.
Confirmed. HAHAHA
Well, just emote if you're tired of smling. LOL
Picture Picture.
Aji's "tryna be cute garl??? huh??" look. LOL
Aji's "I heard you talkin 'bout mah friend's name" look. HAHAHA
Aji is always capable of trying funny gestures/reaction. HAHAHA
Ikakasal na siya!!! HAHAHA. very wedding BTS. LOL
I've just remembered that barong is our country's traditional wear. I think designers must challenge their selves and stay off from the very-safe-and-surely-will-be-appealable-modern-trends and reinforce Filipino materials and elements in their modern designs nowadays to keep this part of our culture alive.
Moreover, many designers today, in my opinion, are into exploration of ideas and inspiration from all over the world just to make a unique collection. They sometimes look up into some foreign cultures or designers like them. I think the answer is not that far away. We have the materials and the skill in the country. It just need some great risk-taking-playful minds and off-the-rules attitude.
Though, my friend Jai told me once that Filipino materials like pina fibers were really hard to manipulate and expensive. I guess, these answer why so few are into the usage of our own primitive materials.
I think it's time to stop acquiring culture and trend from others and we should start influencing the world with our own. Looking up at foreign designers and trend is not really bad at all as it helps a lot of young designers today to excel up to the international scene but I think it would be a lovelier idea if Filipino designers would excel via our own heritage and aesthetics.
Maybe someday, I would make some modern designs out of these materials and make it a casual wear, an everyday look for modern boys and girls. :)))
Meet the Congressman Hubby and the Beauty Queen Wifey. An affair.
Congressman Hubby: Wait. Beauty Queen Wifey: [SMILE]
Congressman Hubby: Ok! Take the picture. Beauty Queen Wifey: [SMILE]
Congressman Hubby: Whole body. Beauty Queen Wifey: [SMILE]
Congressman Hubby: Half body. Beauty Queen Wifey: [SMILE]
Congressman Hubby: HMMM. Beauty Queen Wifey: Don't leave me puhlease.
Congressam Hubby: DEDMA. Beauty Queen Wifey: [suddenly, a tear fell]
Congressman Hubby: [NO REACTION]. Beauty Queen Wifey: [SIYA-BA-?-SIYA-BA-ANG-IPAPALIT-MO-SA-AKIN LOOK]. to be continued... HAHAHA
Organizing a sort of class picture shot. HEHEHE
The boys of Sabsabong ti Mayo 2012. I am still dressing-up that's why I'm not around.
MA'AM, WHAT SIZE??? HEHEHE. White tops black pants ensemble always remind me of shoe sales boys. :)))
Feeding time.
Some sponsored food from the mall and Greenwich.
My favorite part obviously.
Jai insisted on having a photo of him with everyone everytime anybody leaves. Ate Ruby and Gwen are leaving, bye and see you soon!!!:)))
Continue eating...
...and the fun.
Bye. See you soon too.
You too Mauie.
Likewise with you.
Lookbook shot attempt. Well, lemme' say something with what I wore that night. My fedora hat is from Folded and Hung, Caprice leather jacket from Baguio Night Market, hooded black top from Oxygen, skinny pants from Folded and Hung too, real wild boar tusk necklaces from Marcelo's Gift Shop and Souvenirs, a local Baguio shop, and TOUGH Jeansmith duffel bag.
With Reimark too.
JM can now go to bed. :)))
Some Sagumay Ninja moves.
See you soon Mark.
Trying to be politician-s.
Ate Laura is not yet leaving in this photo. Jai would just like to have a shot with her.
Aji and the humble shrink of height. LOL
Authentic Filipino Look.
Ate Laura and a fan. HAHAHA
Aji and Tala.
Jai, Sam and JM.
Jai and Sam.
Mr. Close-up Smile Mark Hora. LOL
Jai and Tala.
Aji and Sam.
Me and Tala.
Real life couple Sam and Mark.
Jai and Ate Vanessa.
Me and Ate Vanessa.
Ate Vanessa and Carlo.
Anything to say Aji??? :)))
Jai, Sir Butter and Mam Jen.
Just a head shot again.
A tribute photo for Phil. Phil is still alive FYI. HAHAHA
More serious.
Wacky??? I don't think so. HEHEHE
Me with HMUA for the event. That's JM on the table and Eric sitting.
How's my bukaka pose so far??? I would like to here from you??? HAHAHA
Carlo and I.
Time to keep the Jai's exhibit.
The third day of the show was also the last day of the exhibit.
Now I'm figuring it out how will we move these heavy drift woods out of this mall. Like, they are not offering any help like lending us some carts. HEAVY HEAVY.
Eeeewww. That's the ass pepper. HAHAHA
I'm really kinda tired by this moment. Like we dragged the woods up to the taxi lane. I wish we shoot some photo while doing it.
A Sleepy head model.
Some model that would prefer dragging his chair and kick that driftwood to move in the line.
Some really tired model with ehem. HEHEHE
With some OC designer fixing the chairs for his own reasons I guess. HAHAHA. Peace.
Satisfied? HAHAHA
Some sleepy model in front of the SM Hypermarket.
Some sleepy model still in front of the SM Hypermarket.
Some model just keep on talking.
Some model really tired of talking and opted making facial gestures instead. HAHAHA
Some Bunifa Latifah Hallifah Sharifah Jackson moments by Jai. HAHAHA. It's just like after 30 minutes that we are told by the security that everything that entered through SM's RDU route must exit on that same route. So *$# @^%*^%$*%^$#^#^^#%*$. HAHAHA. LOL
Now, welcome to RDU. Some SM City Baguio behind the 9pm closing time. I've heard some men talking about their work over there till 6am the next day. Hardworking guys with not-so-enough salary. Sad reality.
This is how we kill the boredom, stress, and drowsiness. HAHAHA
A bit tipsy us.
I'm really sleepy. Urrgghhh.
YEY!!! Our turn. We ride a very big elevator to go down, I think that's a freight. Then we passed through some narrow hallways down below to get out of SM. Nobody's happy enough to take some pictures of those I guess. It's like around 12 midnight already.

So that concludes our three-day Sabsabong ti Mayo 2012 event. Hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures and what had happened. I would like to thank Moya, Lai, TinTin and Gab for the camera responsible for these photos. Till next time.

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