Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ajie, Philip and I Gives Back to Mother Earth

For our Summer NSTP 2, we will be having some cleaning and weeding program. It just feel pointless to me sometimes to weed a mountain, YES!, a MOUNTAIN, and the like because that's the essence why it is a mountain. It must be grassy. Also, I think if the grass and weeds would only talk, they would say WHY UPROOTING WEEDS and GRASSES WERE JUST SUPERFINE unlike uprooting SOME PINE TREES that can stir up a mob. They are both plants with roots that will help water absorption to prevent possible landslides. I think some people should think of these. WEEDING DECREASE THE ROOTS and INCREASE THE CHANCE OF POSSIBLE LANDSLIDES or any sort of erosion.

Anyway, I just wanna share what happened then on May 8th and 9th at Sto. Thomas Water Shed, Baguio City even if it's out of my blog genre which is fashion and beauty. Anyway, I tried to do a little bit of talking about fashion via discussing what I wear just to make it closer with my genre. So here it is.

My group for NSTP 2
In the jeep we ride.
Borrowing Jaypee's camera, I took an up-close shot of my Ethnic bag that I got from Baguio Nightmarket for 250php and I think that's still expensive. I will share some other time how to get there and tips on buying and some do's and dont's.
Practicing some photography with my blockmate. I wish somebody will teach me how to do it properly.
We were told to wear something proper for a mountain and grassy terrain so I decided to go on with my genuine brown leather DOMO boots which I got from TRINITY shoes, bags and apparels, a local shop selling Italian fashion goods here in Baguio City.
It's foggy there along the way.
Baguio Water District Water Basin
I never thought that Baguio got this enormous water basin. It is so large and looks like a crater. It's empty that time. It smells some photo shoot here the next time we go here.
Reunited with my siblings from heaven. That's a fedora hat from Onesimus. Yes, I have changed my cap.
I have a sorethroat back then. Maybe we are playing with our tools here.
My plaid long-sleeved polo here is from Baguio Night Market also which i bought for only 150php. I am really a fan of Baguio Night Market, Thrift Shops and Ukay-ukay because they helped me save money and make a style in a friendly amount more over here in Baguio City where shops like those are plenty.
Checking the basin upclose.
Ajuntha and Jaypee checking the basin out.
I think Jaypee needs some Muscles from Walcien here.
Weeding started while Phil and I were still having a mini-talk-show behind.
I told you. Posing is our reflex. My pants is from Folded and Hung btw.
It's really weird in Baguio. It's sunny when we reached the top and every few minutes, it's gonna be foggy and vice versa.
We transferred in another area after finishing our first field.
That's our facilitating instructor Ms. Maureen in violet polo shirt.
Not-so-happy-Jaypee-look, why???
Mendoza and Sy
Some farm ville

Some kiddos in the community.
Lunch Time!!! back to the jeep.
I didn't brought some lunch with me so I had a coconut ice drop for lunch. That's Tala with me.
It rained suddenly. Thank the universe that we are done with our stuff before it started pouring down hard.
Walcien capturing some rain drops with his Canon camera.
Headshot??? I guess that's very near. LOL

Some attendance to sign out.
Time to leave. I promise to come back for a photoshoot.:))

Having a power nap while on the trip to the town.
These are our photos for our first week activity and there will be another one to come this week. Just keep yourself posted. Thanks for viewing. I would like to thank my block-mates Jaypee and Walcien for providing the photos for this post.

Life is A Jernih

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