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As promised, well if you have read my previous post, here are the photos of our team on the recent Nurse Fest 2012 last February. It's gonna be album like blog post :))) More pictures than words because I think I can show you more than I can tell what exactly happened that unforgettable day. The original set of pieces used in SUMMEREXTRATERRESTRIALISQUE were shown here. Thanks to my block mates and teammates who brought their cameras to cover the event, especially our team's entry. BTW, the pieces were made out of recycled materials as the competition rules applied and it was an amazing, amazing team effort to bring-to-life my designs. I hope you will love what you will see in this post. So, here they are.


That's Karen, the one responsible for our bleacher set-up, THANKS SO MUCH KAREN!!!
Izi, Karen, Chero, Quinn, K
Just me checking things out. It's so difficult to dress up that sharp that day. Your sleepless and you just want something light and loose. So, since this is sort of a fashion blog, I am wearing  hoodie jacket from Gap, yellow shirt from Bench, and straight cut jeans from Levi Strauss & Co.

Mae assisting Irene. Good thing our models are willing to assist each other backstage. NO BITCHY MODELS WITH ATTITUDE ALLOWED!!! HOHOHO
Christine, Joy, Fahren, Kath, Nelia, Jhseany, and K
Flowrhenz assisted by Nicole
Irene and Janine with Philip, our runway coach of the day and also one of my block mate. Philip can be an androgynous model I think. He somewhat gives me a Ria Bolivar vibes. BTW, those blue pumps are his first pair and he insist on wearing them before performing his tasks. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! HOHOHO
Nathan against the light
Coaching some pose
Me, actually I am so multitasking that day. You will see why and I love it.
Nina, our team's Muse
More poses.

Philip working it out of the girls. JM is our HMUA that day, the one in an 8-inches boots platforms. JM is a 2nd-year architecture student here in SLU.
Flowrhenz, Mae, and Nicole

I remember Philip saying some Tyra Banks quotes from ANTM here.

Quiroz getting dressed-up as our team mascot.

His costume was inspired by a Roman or Greek soldier. Of course, with touch of our team color and kiddy-mascot-look as required.
Mrs. Datic, our faculty fashionista participant rehearsing the song "We Found Love by Rihanna" meant for our ramp. She wear some shredded top by my friend Jairus.

I forgot his name. He is also a faculty. School of Nursing in SLU got around more or less 200 faculties by its own.

Kath, Philip, Pret (she owns the camera use to cover all of these photos) and K.
Justin R., our team's Escort.

Janine on a lace mask and a sequined plastic choker.

I think I know why Philip here appears so depressed. HEHEHE

YELLOW PLATFORM BOOTS colloquially called as YELLOW BOOTS that day.

Mae on a sequined plastic shoulder piece.


Nathan on a bearded net mask.


I just love these girls.

Irene on a net wings head piece. We decided to go for a brow-less look that day.
Justine getting his hair done by 1, 2 , 3 , 4 hands.

No time for myself I guess. Just look at my hair. I am now wearing a yellow long sleeves from Giordano to show some banner support to our team Yellow Zeus.

Head shot mode Philip

I love Nicole's look. She is very Pinay.

Nathan will play a music for a band that day in that event too. Another multitask-er of the day.

feathers and net wings head piece on me.
Philip and I sew these costume BY HAND during our Community Nursing excursion. We love its outcome.


We chose American football as our Mr. and Ms. Sports Fest sports because we think its not over-rated in pageants. We made the costumes with a twist, we cropped the tops because it's in right now and seems like unconventional especially for a man to wear a cropped top. Hope you get the point.

Lovely pair, they may not have a place in the competition but in our hearts as a team, they'll be NUMBER 1!!! Congratulations!!!


Our mascot's turn. Go Quiroz!!:)))

To my surprise, I underestimated this costume because it doesn't appeal me so much when I saw it right after we finished it. It's dull. But, when Quiroz already wore it in the gym and hit by spotlight, It seemed like its a real gold alloy over it. Good job to us then. He made it as 1st-runner up in the Mascot Category.



We added some colored plastic gladiator skirts to our spandex costumes.

The plastic add-ons will be ripped as part of some drama and I really think that the plastic put a more modernistic feeling of the clothes the way I want it because I don't want the designs be confined to traditional Roman or Greek god or goddess look, flow-y and cloth-y. I was like inspire by Jeremy Scott plastic pieces shown on his 2011 Fall/Winter Collection

Some black paper laurel and spiky choker for Sir.

Mae's arrow headpiece is inspired by arrows of course.

Net wing mask for Nicole. Girls have structured plastic piece over their spandex costumes. Her neck piece was out of straw and painted gold to resemble some hairy gladiator chest.

Flow got a white wing headpiece and a white feathered neck-piece

WTF! I think the music was sabotaged at this part of the routine already.

Sir working some pout. Thunder headpiece on sir made out of cartons.

Philip giving cues for the routine

Arrow fan on Janine.

Irene on a strawed thunder back piece.

Mae got a black veil over her headdress to resemble a lonely bride and I don't know why I've thought of it the first place.

I remember Irene being taught how to walk during our Community Nursing Excursion.

The on e on glasses is my friend Jairus. He also helped in styling the wardrobes better.

Our team's Pop Dancers supporting our fashionista entry.

Phil with Nina.

Justine with his fans. HAHAHA

That's me with Reisa for a ballroom intermission number. We represented the School of Nursing at SLU Dance Fest Dance Sports Category and made it as finalists.


Pop dance time.


Madame is kinda sad. Our plan didn't worked out. She wasn't able to sing the song she was rehearsing earlier for the music switched to another one :(((

I think I'm talking about the sabotaged music here and all the misfortunate stuffs that happened earlier.


Some photos may be blurry but still can tell you what happened that day. The excitement, rage, shock, disappointment and a lot more. I would like to thank Pret, Fahren, Kath, Carmelle and Erika Ang of ERIKA ANG PHOTOGRAPHY for providing all of these pictures. Thank you very much for viewing. I hope you will drop by soon again. 

P.S.***I'm super aware that I have interchanged the P and F in this blog post title. #grudgeholdermode. LOL

Life is A Jernih

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