Monday, May 28, 2012


Hi, it's me again. I will just share some photos from my summer holiday trip in la union this month. The photos are not your tourist-type of shot. It's like when two persons like me and Roxy got bored, we always think of something fashionably-worthy to do. So, we've done a shoot because Roxy has been encouraging me a long time already to have my own Lookbook account. All the looks so far that I've been posting were from this shoot that's why I almost got the same shoes and shorts on them. I took the advantage of that very moment while my friend Roxy is still in the mood because I don't have any camera of good quality. BTW, she got a blog too named ITSJUSTROXY. Hope you drop by at her page too. Roxy helped me in styling the outfit that I brought there. We sort of decided to go a little bit avant garde and editorial. Imma admit that the clothes in the pictures are too hot too wear in La Union. But for the sake of sharing some unconventional style, Imma do it. LOL. There are no beaches around the photos which makes me sad because it's the major reason why I went in La Union. By the time we're done and I'm about to leave for the beach, it rained, so no chance of getting any tan that day :((( plus the fact that I will be leaving that evening too for Dagupan's Bangus Festival which photos will be posted soon as I got it from Moya. So here are the photos. I hope you like them all.:)))

Animal-printed shorts from the Sea of Clothes of Emily Ferrer. :))) LOL.
The jacket's print reminds me of Versace but it's Climate Zone actually. I scored it for only 20PHP at Baguio Night Market with NO DAMAGE OF ANY SORT.
See that tusks??? Roxy and I are planning something out of it. So, wait for it SOON! :)))
Red One Aztec-tribal-printed leggings.
My Bally shoes for Summer.
Lace top I've scored from Baguio Night Market.
Versace hanky I've scored in Baguio Night Market too.
Photo post-processed by Roxy. THANKYOUVERYMUCH!!!:)))

Britney is a female dog, Bitch in short. :)))

The look is on Lookbook too. You may want to hype it if you feel generous of giving hype today. Below is the hype tab.

Life is A Jernih

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