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Hi there again. It's been a year now since my first PFW. Right now, I'm still thinking if i should come this season because I have summer classes and bulk of the shows will fall under my hospital duty days plus the fact that I have to travel like 6-8 hours to Manila to see the show and have unexcused absence from school. I guess, it's more like I will and I should not attend. I hope next time my schedule would be luckily fit to PFW schedules. BTW, I would just like to share what happened during my first PFW on Holiday 2010. I'm not that prepared of the hustle that would happen that day. Anyway, it's my first time. I think I'm kinda excused for that. HEHEHE. So, I hope you'll like what you see down here especially my unkempt hair all the time which I've realized when I was browsing the photos after it. The photos are from my friends Kath and Emily who came with me at the show. Emily had her OJT that season that's why I wasn't that lost. I'm quite a fan boy that day as Emily tease me because all I want to do then was to take a picture with every models or celebrities I know. HAHAHA. Well, I'm a bit promdi that's why. Seeing celebrities is not part of my daily living, so I can't be like hypocrite and act I don't know them at all and get a bit excited every time I see one, well in fact, some of them are really famous of what they do. With no further ado, here are the photos.

The tallest girl is Emily and I used to stay at her unit during my whole stay in Manila. Thanks Carp. :)))
I think that's Andre Chang's. Seriously, I have just known him that day.
It's really crowded then, so I can't imagine the crowd when Mario Maurer have done his show thefollowing season.

Some big screen inside MOA.
MSfM booth.
I think that's Mama Rene at L'oreal Booth.
Emily mimicking some Danica poses.
Yours truly.
Fabio and Kelly for Ipanema.
Kath with Fabio. Too bad I wasn't able to have a picture with him. I took this shot then he got away.
At Regatta's.
"PHILIPPINE" Fashion Week. How ironic.
Ford Models Supermodel of the World Philippines' search.
CalCarrie's girls.
The contestants.
Joey Espino, the man behind PFW.
Audi Espino presenting the final three I guess.
Danica Magpantay.

Martin stealing some shot with Danica.
Me and Charo Ronquillo.
Kath and Mark Nash.
Sese, Mark and Adams.
Waiting my turn with Chat but wasn't able to have one. Maybe next time. :)))
At Rusty Lopez's.
Pokwang, YEY!!!:)))
Pokwang really knows how to put up a show.
Some PBB Teen pull-outs.
Idk his name.
Bret? Brent? I think his name sounded like one.
SM Kid's show. Some of them are Manny Pacquiao's children.
Anne. I hope she's loving her fame that time. HAHAHA.
Victor Basa and Divine Lee. It is really Victor whom I knew that time and that Miss Divine was a complete stranger to me. Sese told me that she is the gf of Victor and that she is kinda sensational in the net especially because of her blog which show a part of her, being a babaeng-bakla. I loved her since then and keep tracking of her blogs, tweet, killer-shoes and the like sometimes since then. Well Divine Lee, you've got yourself a new fan. HAHAHA
The unkempt hair of mine. I hope next time imma have a shot with them with a more polished locks. LOL. I remembered Ms. Lee wearing a really high-heels in this photo. Too bad I wasn't able to have a shot of it.
Me with MR. Joey Espino.
With V.
Blonde sibs Daryll and Andre Chang. I really don't them totally that night It's just that they dress so differently and uniquely compared to others that's why I would like to have a photo with them. Then  I did a little research some time after PFW. I've found out that Daryll is an Editorial Stylist for Preview Magazine and Andre is King of They're quite heavy right??? I want some blonde like theirs.
Sarah Meier interviewing Bianca Gonzales.
With Bianca.
With Chat and Charo. Tired already. HAHAHA
With Jasmine.
With Michelle Panemanglor.
I look bored here with Ria Bolivar.
Eri Fukuda with me.
My new friends Rajo Laurel and Tim Yap. Just kidding. LOL
Fan boy of the day. HAHAHA
After an emotional show of Mamengo, R.I.P.
Danica's out.
Filling up some mag Q&A.
With Danica.
With Samantha Gomez, the then new winner of Supermodel of the World Philippines.
 So these where the happenings that week. I'm thinking what's in it this season. Should I come or not. Anyway, it's Lady Gaga's concert SM MOA Arena in just hours from now too. Another event I wish I could come. :((( Damn college. HAHAHA

So this is it for now, It's Sagumay, Just Sharing anything Anywhere Anytime. Now, I would give the latter part for Lady Gaga. Born This Way #lilmonsterhere. The song which made me love her more since Bad Romance.

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