Monday, October 6, 2014

G R A P H Y T X F O R E F R O N T for E S C U E L A

The Artists

 Previously, I have blogged about the opening of Escuela. I also mentioned about a brood of young and talented people who came all the way from Tarlac and they address their group "Graphyt." And as stated in their Facebook page, they are composed of six weirdos who just happened to band together to form an art collective! The world is their canvas, and Tarlac is their paper :) It is very clear you can see what they mean through this post. So let's meet 4 of them briefly.

Gia Pascual, Freelance Artist

"I'm not really sure what my artworks are about, nor do I have a specific style or theme, but when I make them I almost always have music on, and then I work with what I'm feeling at the moment"

Jan Marco Tabamo, Illustrator/ Make-up Artist

"My art is mostly inspired by fashion and anatomy. Are you referring on my painting's body of works? You can't make the artist describe his own body of work. You have to make others do it, how they perceive my work. Kasi its like asking a chef kung masarap ba pagkain nya. Its going to be bias."

Maiko Pascual, Illustrator/Designer

"I like seeing how even the smallest things, like the faintest of lines and the right mistakes, work together to achieve something beautiful".

Patrick Ramento, Freelance Artist

"Basically it's about giving life to what's already been dead. I want them to see that there is no death alone without a purpose... That there is always new life that blooms when something dies.  Death is beautiful and it is a gift. I'm making death a purpose. No, I'm making life out it. It's a beautiful reciprocal arrangement. So please do yourself a favor, donate your bones in me when you die. haha! (just kidding)"

The Art

The following photos happened during our preparation a day before the store opening wherein we put the final touches on the wall under the direction of Escuela's Interior Designer and Forefront's Jairus Sumineg together with yours truly. And yes, that includes the unique and meaningful Graphyt masterpieces.



 And we're done!!! 

You can check the price of each art pieces the moment you visit Escuela.

You can visit Escuela at 2nd Basement, Halili Bldg. (In front os Saint Louis University), Bonifacio Street, Baguio City, Philippines. Contact number: 0916-588-5635. You may Like them on Facebook H  E  R  E !  !  ! or follow them on Instagram @cafe.escuela.

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