Sunday, May 22, 2016


This is somewhat a late post but the cause of this event will never, and should never go out of style. As part of celebrating Design Week Philippines, NCCA organized its first ever RTW Clothing Design Competition and opened Professional and Student category. My designer friend Jairus Sumineg get to participate and I get to represent him on the awarding ceremony. We were so lucky to take part on the event which promulgate and educate the public about the diverse textile designs and patterns the Philippines have. 

I believe the government, together with the private sectors of the fashion business industry in general should push not only the local fashion houses and brands, but also the foreign fashion super forces penetrating the market, to utilize the materials our country has to offer; give credits and rewards for designers utilizing native and locally-made fabrics. By this move, we are not just empowering our own identity locally and globally, but more importantly, we would give livelihood to our indigenous fellow Filipino local textile makers. Moreover, we would be able to prolong and revive the life of some of our slowly dying cultures of authentic and native techniques in creating these wonders and treasures. Creating niche and demand for it to exist initially will guarantee that the method, which originated way back even before our colonizers set foot on our soil, will be leveraged and passed to the younger generations and will be improved further by the way of dynamic technology. Via this cause, technology will never kill, but instead keep and enhance the already intricate art of our local textiles and fabrics.

Going back to the competition, I hope this event will be put up again next year. The competition was joined by around a hundred professional and student designers which is a good number to start. This just proves that Fashion is Forever alive in the country. We just have to create a system which put our identity as a Filipino first; above trends which shortly lives and money which only benefit a few. 

Some pieces of Intamuros.

Life is A Jernih

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