Friday, May 27, 2016

PINTA | National Museum of the Philippines

On this last half of my post about my recent visit to the National Museum, you will be seeing photos of various paintings which were housed on a separate building. Yes, you have to cross a major road to see these beautiful paintings and wait for massive ten-wheeler trucks to pass by before you cross so you would not die. Rajie and I tried to find any pedestrian lanes but we just could not see one. 

Anyway, our visit was quite fast because we started like around 4:30 PM already. The museum hours are only till 5PM. We did not have the luxury of time to review each masterpieces deeply but I believe we have seen so much just entering each plainly-painted colored rooms. Art works were grouped according to era, genre and technique. (Well, according to my own understanding.) And, to add another first on my list, it was my first time to see Juan Luna's famed Spoliarium in flesh. Rajie has been waiting for this moment as I have been excited to see that hot pink room which my friends Jaro and Jairus have told me when they visited the museum earlier this month. 

So here are our photos, posing along the hallways of the then-Senate House.





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