Thursday, July 4, 2013

Of Pots, Flowers and Family Jewels

It's my second day at Ilocos Sur and Nina has been so kind to me for interchanging her shift in order to accompany me to other places here. We've been at Burnayan or the pot factory where you can buy some clay pots and ornamental materials made of clay. We've been also at The Hidden Garden for our snack. There is a restaurant in its middle part surrounded by variety of plants from fruits to flower-bearing type which they are also selling. We also had a quick stroll at The Heritage Site to buy some souvenir stuff. Lastly, to Vigan Cathedral and have some prayers before I leave going to Abra.

Burnayan. I think it's also the name  of the equipment used in making potteries. 

Hidden Garden


Tiyang Amy

Fresh-water Parrot Fish. They also come in heart-shapes.

Ilocos' Specialty, Empanada

Shopping for souvenirs for my mom and sisters.

Villa Angela

Even Tom Cruise was here.

I just love vintage objects.

I want to have my own traditional ancestral house.

McDonalds Vigan

I'm lovin' it. McDonalds

Vigan Cathedral

Packing up

At the terminal to Abra. I chose an ordinary bus for a more hippie feeling of travelling.


Life is A Jernih

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