Saturday, March 12, 2016

PATCH CAFE: All About Flavours and Interiors

Another cafe that we visited during my recent trip to Baguio was Patch Cafe.
Alright, I will admit it, we came to Patch Cafe partly because my friend Jairus told us that it is Instagram-worthy and that every corner was a feast for the eyes. The place did not disappoint. Everything was real. Something about it made me smile and relaxed at the same time. We just had dinner in Good Taste as a treat of Jairus's parents so I swear that we are severely full that evening. So we just had some refreshments and some catching-up.

I think I should have shot more photos to give the cafe some justice. I swear I will get back on you Patch.

Photographed by Jairus Sumineg

Life is A Jernih

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