Thursday, January 8, 2015


Baguio Arrival. The moment I reached the place where will I stay for some nights, I immediately texted my old friends and good thing that one of them is available and just got out from duty. Christine saved a loner that night and we spent the night catching-up and judging other people as we always do. HAHAHA. Kidding. I think we ate so much while she talks about her love story while I listen therapeutically. MEH. Well, seriously speaking, if there is one thing that I remember from what she told me that night which I really like, it's that "Love" comes in a perfect time in a perfect moment with a perfect circumstance around it and you can not stop it- C. Ganggangan, 2014. I wish you all the best garl! Photos taken Last December 2014. Some of the places I missed.

Zola at Upper Session Road

The crowd in Zola usually consists of college students hanging-out after classes or if it's weekends, students meeting-up and having dinner before partying. There are also chances that you might bump to some lost or undecided tourists still figuring it out where to go because Zola is strategically located at the Upper Session, near Baguio Cathedral, along the way going to SM City Baguio and you can easily fetch cab or jitneys the moment you went out from it. They offer green salad, pasta, pizzas, all-day breakfast, juice, milk/fruit shake, and beer.


My old favorite Taal Rice with red eggs, smoked fish, fresh tomatoes and onions.

Rumours at Session Road

If you want a more mature vibe of a place. You may choose to go here. Baguio-residing professionals usually hang-out in here. Also, foreigners and tourists alike are present here. Of course, the menu speaks of so much maturity as well. They offer liquors from Malt beer, to Frozen Margarita, Vodka to a hot special cup of coffee. There are also wide selections of food and appetizers. 



Lugawan at Gov. Pack Road

The road is also known as a terminal for incoming and departing buses for trips going down to Manila and other neighboring provinces such as Dagupan, La Union, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Abra, Ilocos Sur etc. So, for travelers with little time before starting their trip or just want to try it, there are lots of "Lugawan" and "Gotohan" to choose from along the road. You can customize your order with add-on's available. It's cheap, it's delicious, and above all, it's safe and I loved it. 


Volante at Session Road

If you feel like eating Italian food. Volante is the place to go. A long menu of rice meals, pasta, pizza at 60+php, coffee, juices and more. There are also special desserts available. I suggest that you try their waffles and Corsican rice. Gosh, I want one now. LOL.

Time to leave.

Thanks to Tin-tin, Jonah, R-Jay, and Krish for letting me in. <3

More photos to follow!!!

Life is A Jernih

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