Saturday, January 10, 2015

G O | S E E L'Art autour de moi

I am such a nocturne and it doesn't goes well with my cam and my shaky hands. To be a morning person is such a hard thing for me to do and it's only when the night comes when I am feeling this spike of energy level and makes me want to roam around. Anyway, reasons are reasons so I'll just push this post anyway to share my next style post. LOL! Additionally, the blurring kinda added a certain feeling of being in another world or dimension when you got in this place. It's like being high. (Well, I haven't really tried it though.)

The place is called "Ili-likha Artist Village" and as the names implies, it's a place full of rich cultural and artistic pieces by varied Cordilleran artists. I'll be meeting my college block mates here for a simple and artsy-fancy dinner. I will be detailing it on my next post. And for now, let me just share my outfit if you won't mind. 

Denim Jacket, Banana Republic
Inner Top, Thrifted

Handkerchief, Thrifted

Pants, Folded and Hung

Customized Boots, Italian Leather Boots at Trinity Baguio

Ili-likha Artist Village is located at Assumption Road, Baguio City.

Life is A Jernih

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