Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grumpy Joe and the Hottest Sauce Ever!

And the food hunt never stops! For this day, which I already could not recall anymore, we went to a new restaurant in the city called the "Grumpy Joe." 

First of all, I would like to suggest you to try everything EXCEPT THEIR TOXIC WASTE HOT SAUCE. It is a sort of their signature condiment and I am telling you now that it will really test the inner spicy-foodie in you. You may find me exaggerating but the sauce was just crazy as hell and it tastes like the hottest sauce I have ever tasted . So, if you are a thrill-seeker and a feeling-foodie like me, you may want to try on it but little by little. But, if you are not into spicy food then stay away from it because it can make you cry, like literally. I can not remember how many glasses of water have we drank just for the spice to loose. LOL.

Toxic Waste . Photo from Grumpy Joe's Facebook.

On a yummier side of that day, everything was clean, simple and cute at the Grumpy Joe. The place is well-lit and has a cooling ambiance because of its apple green walls. A wide selection of food are also available on their menu which can satisfy all forms of your craving. There are pastas, pizza, healthy drinks in mason jars, and desserts. These food, I'd like you to try. They are all a-must! Additionally, the prices are super reasonable and the serving is very good. I know, this one is a real deal.


So there you have it, another place to try on when you get to Baguio City. Just remember "Grumpy Joe" and your friendly cab driver will take you there.

I can not wait for my next trip and meal that I am going to have once I'm back. Minus the Toxic waste perhaps to eat more. LOL

Till my next post!

Life is A Jernih

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