Wednesday, January 21, 2015


YELLOW! We are now continuing my posts regarding my recent trip to Baguio last month. For this evening, I had the chance to meet again one of my good friends back in college till now. May I introduce Jhseany to you all. Well, the dinner was supposed to be cut short because of a situation and that I almost ended up the night in a hospital. But thanks the heaven it did not pushed through. Anyway, we had our dinner in Yellow Cab in Camp John Hay because we craved for something cheesy and salty and away from the city.
The crew was so welcoming and delighting as well as the food. I really wish I could munch on this pizza right now as I blog. I missed the melting cheese in my mouth plus the spice of their hot sauce as I salivate . Gosh! I am feeling hungry now. I hope Cabanatuan will be having its Yellow Cab branch any time soon.

The night was still young then that time, so wait for more... 

Life is A Jernih

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