Thursday, September 11, 2014

E S C U E L A : Classes Have Officially Started


Classes have officially started at Ecsuela Restaurant + Cafe last Sepetember 8, 2014. As expected, the new place garnered a lot of hungry and foodies in quest for a new place to hang-out and dine with a brand new experience. Escuela definitely gives its customers not only gastric satisfaction but also visual enticement. The first day was a success and you can feel the rush and energy coming in the place.

The place is cleverly strategic, built in a building just across Saint Louis University at Bonifacio Street. Also, several boarding houses, dormitories and apartments surrounds the place. Escuela will surely serve more and more of its hungry student and city explorers.

For some of the food available at Escuela, you could try on these orders. We tried Creamy Pesto, but haven't took a single photo because everything was happening so fast and you can't just miss a moment with people you just have seen after a long time.

Some animal fries, Tony Starch! Photo Courtesy of Escuela.

Campfire Toast for your sweet tooth. Photo Courtesy of Escuela.

This Peanut-Banana Cruncher will surely give you a doze of glucose up to your brain to solve this Mathematical problem. Photo Courtesy of Escuela.

Yummy but also Healthy. There are lots of Milk Tea flavors to choose from, from Taro Cheesecake, Winter Honeydew, Almond Thai Tea to Raspberry Vanilla Milk Tea. Photo Courtesy of Escuela.

Forefront to Forefront

On a more personal note of the event, it is also the chance where I could hang-out again with my fabulous friends after several months. As expected, everybody is boisterous, especially JM who came from Tarlac together with brood of young artists whom will showcase their artworks there in Escuela. My feature about Graphyt will be posted soon. 

JM is now a marvelous Fine Arts student at Tarlac State University and it's the first time since we saw him again after a year I guess. And with confetti, I'd like to tell you guys that he just happened to be a Finalist for the 47th SHELL NSAC. You can check his artwork at Ayala Museum this whole month. Congratulations my friend!

That's Jai, Ajie and JM. Some people are missing, Philip and Jaro, wherever you are, you've been missed.

Ajie is now a full-time and a successful Professional Model. A proof for our taste in fashion is innate. I wish her lots of bookings for the next season which I am sure is certain. 

The Designer and the Muse. Jai and Ajie.
  As for Jairus, my designer friend's latest project, you all must check out the upcoming Bench Naked Truth Fashion Show as Jairus Sumineg fashion pieces share the stage and the runway. You may check on his Bench Blog feature. It's amazing that this guy could achieve that much given his present circumstance. It just means that he could be somewhere farther once he focused a hundred percent on his craft which is for sure. 

As for the friends whom we miss so much, Philip and Jaro, see you soonest! Maybe in Manila? There just have been some work to do and prior commitments that's why they didn't make it. Philip is a Celebrity Stylist for a noon-time TV show and Jaro is living a fabulously fashionable life as usual.

As for yours truly, I'm still in the process of making my break happen with no excuses, going to Manila/Baguio once in a while, slowly but surely, one sequin at a time, like what Lady GaGa have said (#fanmode LOL); I am currently teaching myself to enjoy the process (after all, Life is a Jernih, meh! LOL) and celebrate my own humble success such as having a job as a nurse with pay, being healthy and still being fit even without any exercise or special diet because of my job. And most importantly, for now, seeing my friends actually reaching for what they want already gives me a feeling of gratitude. Their success is my success. :) I hope to blog and share you more about my latest news. Till next time.

You can visit Escuela at 2nd Basement, Halili Bldg. (In front os Saint Louis University), Bonifacio Street, Baguio City, Philippines. Contact number: 0916-588-5635. You may Like them on Facebook H  E  R  E !  !  ! or follow them on Instagram @cafe.escuela.

"To the 9/11 victims, survivors and their families, you are with our thoughts."

Life is A Jernih


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